Dragnea reveals PSD’s elections campaign slogan: “Dare believe in Romania”

“Dare believe in Romania” is the slogan that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) will use in the elections campaign, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Saturday.

Liviu Dragnea pointed out that the governing platform proposed by PSD was posted on the indraznestesacrezi.ro website, alongside a chart of all post-1989 Governments.

“I’ve personally grown tired of hearing, for years on end: ‘Go out and vote and make sure PSD does not win the Government, because if they do things will be bad.” (…) An attempt is being made to do the same thing today, the same patented manipulation method. (…) It’s a chart which shows that every time PSD governed people fared well, the economy grew and Romanians had more money in their pockets,” Liviu Dragnea said.

The following are among PSD’s main objectives included in the electoral platform presented on the website: strengthening the middle class, higher salaries, high-quality medical services, top-level education, eliminating 102 non-fiscal taxes, helping farmers, developing infrastructure, reindustrialisation and creating new jobs.


“Relation with Ponta is very good, honestly speaking”


On Saturday evening, Liviu Dragnea also stated he has a very good relationship with Victor Ponta, which is not affected by the pictures some are posting.

“It is very good, honestly speaking,” Liviu Dragnea stated in an interview on Antena 3, referring to his relationship with Victor Ponta.

The PSD President also claimed that he is not bothered by the fact that the United Romania Party (PRU) is using Victor Ponta’s image, but he said he does not find that fair.

“Personally I am not bothered. I told Victor, I was honest and he understood, it doesn’t bother me personally. It’s not all right, I find it unfair for another party to use his image,” Dragnea said. The Social-Democrat leader added that this is “disconcerting” for some party members.

Liviu Dragnea pointed out he does not agree with the option of forming an alliance with PRU.

“I don’t agree with this option, because as long as they are doing things like this I don’t find it fair and then of course you question the validity, duration and substance of a collaboration with people who act like this. Hence the caution. But, I repeat, let’s get to the elections. My relationship with Victor is not affected by pictures some are posting… Because at any rate those pictures are not convincing anyone,” Liviu Dragnea stated.


On PRU transcripts: Bitter taste


In an interview on Antena 3 on Saturday, the PSD President commented on the United Romania Party (PRU) transcripts related to Victor Ponta.

“I got to see some of it. I’m left with a bitter taste and you know why? You’re saying you support that man (Victor Ponta) for the Prime Minister’s office, and in private you actually have this opinion of him… This is my bitter taste,” Liviu Dragnea said, referring to the transcripts that appeared recently and that reveal unbelievable details about the decision to establish the United Romania Party. In them, PRU President Bogdan Diaconu claims that the party in fact has a single reason of being, namely to break up PSD. Likewise, PRU President Bogdan Diaconu claimed, in a new set of transcripts published by stiripesurse.ro, that the ex-Premier is “unstable.”


PSD to approve party lists on Tuesday


At the same time, Liviu Dragnea announced on Saturday that Victor Ponta, Ecaterina Andronescu, Eugen Teodorovici and Nicolae Banicioiu will be on the party’s lists for the parliamentary elections, agerpres.ro informs.

“I saw a website was claiming I am not including them on the lists. Firstly, that’s absurd. It’s absurd. But there is someone in the party (…) who doesn’t understand that PSD has outgrown that style of intrigues, of small circles within the party. And he doesn’t understand he is talking by himself and doesn’t understand that all those with whom he talks are telling everyone about him. (…) I’m talking about a person I cared about very much and who is letting down very many people. And I’m not even talking about some great character, but I wanted to let him find out from me that what he is doing is not good and he has only one chance left,” Dragnea said, refusing to reveal the person’s name.

He emphasised that Ponta, Andronescu, Banicioiu and Teodorovici will be on the lists. He also revealed that all party lists will be approved on Tuesday.

The PSD President stated that there are all kinds of rumours concerning the election day. “We are keeping a close eye on the Government, on the Interior Ministry and on prefectures, because we have received all kinds of rumours about what they want to do on the day before election day, on election day. I hope this won’t happen, they won’t use the prefects for all kinds of operations. I hope these are just rumours,” Liviu Dragnea said.

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