President Iohannis on Romanian Army Day: Romanians’ confidence in the Army proves that this institution has consolidated in the general perception the profile of guarantor of the state sovereignty, independence and unity

Romania has at its disposal an efficient Army, in line with those of high professional and moral quality, President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday.

“Today, 25 October, we celebrate the Romanian Army Day, on which occasion I urge you to take a bow in respect of those who served and continue to serve their country with devotion,” Iohannis said, at the ceremony organised at the “Glory to the Romanian Soldier” Monumental Ensemble of Carei, Satu Mare County.

He voiced gratitude to those for whom “the defence of the nation turned into a creed.”

“Romanians’ confidence in the Army proves that this institution has consolidated in the general perception the profile of guarantor of the state sovereignty, independence and unity. However, equally, I believe people appreciate the moral standards and the professionalism of those who are willing to risk their lives for the common good,” the head of state said.

Iohannis showed that Romania is currently at the confluence of some areas generating challenges to the Euro-Atlantic security and imposing a redefinition of the military strength, as well as the adaptation of the response modalities.

“On the one hand, to the east, the Russian Federation questions the principles and mechanisms ensuring stability on a European level. On the other hand, we assist to the instability deepening in the Middle East region, including through the emergence of some new forms of radicalism and terrorist extremism or hard to control migration. We must respond promptly to all these challenges, but, at the same time, based on a strategy and vision. Romania has proved it has strategic objectives and that it knows how to achieve them,” President Iohannis showed.

He brought to mind that Romania has assumed not only being a security beneficiary, but also a security provider.

“A powerful state respects and protects its citizens. That is why, the strategic efforts of the Romanian states are aimed, in the first place, at the citizens’ security and ensuring the integrity of the national territory, by developing some own defence capabilities, but also by preparing the population and the territory for defence,” the head of state maintained.

He saluted the relaunch of the analysis and strategic planning project and brought to mind that over the past year and a half a series of fundamental programming documents have been adopted, such as “The National Defence Strategy,” the “White Charter of Defence,” the law on defence planning and the new “Military Strategy.”

“All these steps that have been made I believe come to strengthen even more the confidence Romania’s Army is enjoying today. I can firmly state that Romania currently has at its disposal an efficiently functioning Army, in the line of the armies of high professional and moral quality,” Iohannis showed.

At the end, the head of state thanked the servicemen for doing their duty with devotion, patriotism and abnegation.


PM Ciolos attends military ceremony at Unknown Hero Monument in Carol Park


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos attended on Tuesday the military ceremony organised at the Unknown Hero Monument of Carol Park on the occasion of Army Day, during which wreaths of flowers were laid in the memory of the heroes fallen in the line of duty.

Together with the Prime Minister, also attending the ceremony were officials with the National Defence Ministry, the General Staff, the Interior Ministry, representatives of the local administration, war veterans.

During the ceremony, a group of priests officiated a religious service to the memory of those who died in battle and wreaths of flowers were laid on behalf of the officials.

The 30th “Mihai Viteazul” 30th Guard Regiment conducted a parade at the Unknown Hero Monument.

On the same occasion, 33rd “Posada” Mountain Huntsmen Battalion received the National Flag, which will be carried on the route Bucharest – Ploiesti – Buzau – Marasesti – Bacau – Targu Neamt – Toplita – Miercurea Ciuc – Sfantu Gheorghe – Brasov.

“The march will be carried out in nine stages, on foot, in the stopover localities, and by car outside of these, by servicemen with the 2nd “Sarmizegetusa” Mountain Huntsmen Brigade, 61st “General Virgil Badulescu” Mountain Huntsmen Brigade and 26th “Avram Iancu” Mountain Huntsmen Battalion,” according to the National Defence Ministry (MApN).

The National Flag tour will end on 2 November, at 11:00, when it will be handed over to the servicemen of the research subunit of the 2nd “Sarmizegetusa” Mountain Huntsmen Brigade, who will bring it to the Brasov Council Square, at the ceremony marking the Mountain Huntsmen Centenary.


Ciolos: “Army-symbol of nation, pillar on which Romania built and consolidated foreign policy priorities”


Army is a symbol and a fundamental landmark for Romanians, and at the same time the pillar on which Romania has built and consolidated the foreign affairs priorities, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos stated in the message sent on the occasion of celebrating the Romanian Army Day.

“Despite fears and doubts which society handled throughout the years, the Army remains a trust standard for Romanians, and equally for its foreign partners. It’s the respect obtained and consolidated through loyalty, devotion and courage, values proven by our militaries both in the country and abroad, in missions for saving and protecting fellows’ lives, threatened by floods or other natural disasters, but as well as in theaters of operations outside the borders,” Ciolos points out.

He brought to mind the visit paid alongside Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc, just a few days ago, in the theaters of operations in Sarajevo and Pristina, underlining that due to the Romanian militaries our country is now a security and stability provider at the Western Border of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and European Union (EU).

“We wanted to be close to militaries who are conducting missions in the Western Balkans, where Romania’s presence has a strategic importance by contributing to peace keeping and economic strengthening of the area. We shook the hands of our militaries and thanked them because they represent Romania with pride and honor, and because of them and the comrades in theaters of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, who carry out observation and monitoring missions of the United Nations (UE) and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), our country is now a security and a stability supplier to the Western Border of the NATO and EU, a reliable and credible partner for international community,” the Prime Minister added.

Ciolos stressed out that the state implies high responsibilities, and in this regard he brought to mind the shield in Deveselu and the commitment to increase the national defence budget to a minimum level of 2 percent from the GDP in 2017.

“We have the responsibility to ensure and strengthen at the same time the national defence, but also to contribute to ensuring collective defence within the NATO. The recent introduction in the Romanian Air Forces of the first six F-16 aircraft, purchased by Romania is the expression of a good understanding of adjusting our own defence system, and implicitly of the responsibility that we have in guaranteeing security. An assumed responsibility is also the growth of the defence budget to a minimum level of 2 percent from GDP in 2017 and maintaining it at this level for at least 10 years. Romania is not only a security supplier. Our country benefits from the most important security guarantee in history, through making operational the anti-missile facility in Deveselu, which took place in this year’s May,” the chief of the Executive added.

He evoked also the memory of the militaries who lost their lives in theaters of operations.

“We wouldn’t get here if it weren’t for the militaries who served their country with devotion and faith. A nation that doesn’t respect its heroes doesn’t deserve its history. I evoke the memory of the militaries who lost their lives in theaters of operations. I bear respect and appreciation for the war veterans, reserve militaries, all those who had served Romania with faith and honor. I congratulate and sent my warm salute to all the militaries in the line of duty in the country and outside the borders! Honor to you, dear Romanian soldiers!,” Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos concludes his message.

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