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October 21, 2021

Dragnea launches first campaign attack: Ciolos and Iohannis, two liars. PSD won’t nominate Premier before elections

On Tuesday, Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea launched a harsh attack against Dacian Ciolos and Klaus Iohannis after the Head of Government announced he agrees being the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) nominee for a new term in office, adding that PSD will not nominate a Premier before the elections.

“A liar. Both him (Dacian Ciolos – editor’s note) and Klaus Iohannis. Two liars. Klaus Iohannis told us – I can call him Klaus Iohannis from time to time because he is now a politician, he is PNL’s de-facto boss, and I can call Dacian Julien Ciolos too, because he too is a rank-and-file PNL member, for the time being – they both lied to us last year when they asked us to support Dacian Julien Ciolos to be Romania’s Premier, by saying it was a limited tenure. Dacian Juline Ciolos stated within the PSD group that he would not continue in office after the mandate of this Government, that he would not run, he would not get involved in politics,” PSD President Liviu Dragnea reacted to the news that Dacian Ciolos agreed being PNL’s nominee for a new term as Premier.

According to the PSD leader, the Premier’s non-involvement in politics had been guaranteed by Klaus Iohannis too.

“It turned out they were both liars from the start, two hypocrites. I’m not interested he got involved in politics, I’m only interested they did not have the courage to admit, to very clearly say they are involved in PNL’s campaign, that they support PNL in these elections… They are sitting on the side, thinking they are still fooling anyone. They’re not fooling anyone,” Liviu Dragnea added.


 PSD validates party lists for parliamentary elections


Social Democratic Party (PSD) leaders met on Tuesday in a National Executive Committee meeting meant to validate the party’s lists for the December 11th parliamentary elections.

PSD stakes on sending to Parliament 13 Lower Chamber MPs and 7 Senators.

The surprises on PSD’s lists include former PSD ministers, politicians who were once members of PNL, but also civil society candidates and activists for the rights of national minorities.

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta and former ministers Ecaterina Andronescu, Eugen Teodorovici and Nicolae Banicioiu are among PSD’s candidates in the parliamentary elections, just as Liviu Dragnea pointed out at the end of last week. In what concerns the integrity code, the PSD President recently pointed out that “none of those not observing the integrity code can enter Parliament,” Agerpres informs.

Experienced MPs will no longer run on PSD’s lists. Ioan Chelaru is one of them. In the past he was rumoured for the position of Constitutional Court judge.

PSD’s agriculture specialist Petre Daea will no longer be on the party’s lists. Nor will Anghel Stanciu.

The lists also feature new names, such as the leader of PSD’s Youth Organisation (TSD). Gabriel Petrea opens the list in Bucharest. Ecaterina Andronescu continues to open the party’s list for the Senate.

A surprise on the list in Bucharest is Beatrice Tudor, Liviu Dragnea’s personal aide, who will be on the 8th place on the list for the Lower Chamber. The position is surely eligible since PSD expects to win over 40 percent of the votes in Bucharest.


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