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October 5, 2022

Gov’t hit by new resignations. European Funds Minister and two secretaries of state resign to run in parliamentary elections

European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea announced his resignation on Facebook on Wednesday. He took the decision in order to run on Save Romania Union’s (USR) lists in the December 11th parliamentary elections. Two secretaries of state have also announced their option for politics and will resign from the technocrat Government.

“My last meeting as a member of the first Ciolos Government. It is a strange feeling. It feels like a century looking back, but there have only been less than 6 months of tenure, less than a year since I went to the Chancellery. It was intense. And it was an honour! Today is the start of something else,” Cristian Ghinea said.

Asked in an interview for RFI, back in September, whether he intends to join a political party, Cristian Ghinea confirmed he had had talks with the Save Romania Union (USR) party.

“I confirm to you that there were talks with the Save Romania Union. It’s a party which is saying, in an absolutely remarkable manner, that this Government has done good things which should be continued. In a political world in which it has become fashionable to mock technocrats, there is this party with clean people which says no, on the contrary, these people have started something good and we should continue it. Given the fact that they are saying this, there were talks with them,” he detailed at the time.


Secretaries of state interested in politics


Ciprian Necula, secretary of state within the Labour Ministry, announced on Wednesday he will resign from the Government to run on PSD’s lists in the December 11th parliamentary elections. Ionut Mosteanu, secretary of state within the Transport Ministry, will run on USR’s lists according to sources.

“Yes, I am running! One year ago, I didn’t imagine I could be saying this. I was secretary of state within the European Funds Ministry for a year and a half, appointed by Victor Ponta,” secretary of state Ciprian Necula wrote on Facebook. He added that he will “naturally” resign from the Government.

“I chose PSD because I’m a left-wing person. I consider that the problems stemming from social and economic inequalities can be resolved solely through a left-wing approach that would offer equitable chances and access to resources,” Necula also wrote.

Ionut Mosteanu, secretary of state within the Transport Ministry, has chosen to run for the Lower Chamber, on USR’s lists.

Manuel Costescu, former secretary of state within the Economy Ministry, has resigned and will open USR’s list of candidates for the Lower Chamber.


Ciolos about Ghinea’s substitute: I am thinking of a person inside the Ministry, it will not be an interim


PM Dacian Ciolos stated on Wednesday that he is considering the appointment of a person inside the European Funds Ministry (MFE) as a substitute for Cristian Ghinea at the leadership of the Ministry, adding that it will not be an interim.

“I am thinking at someone inside the Ministry, because I want us to ensure the continuity. I will announce you who’s the person in the near future. It is a much too important ministry to play with interims. Even if we’re talking about two months, it’s an intense activity there, because we are preparing the procedure, the so-called procedure for appointing or accrediting the management authorities, the structures that manage European funds. We have to finalize the program of solving the ex ante conditionalities. Therefore, it’s important to have a minister with full attributions”, stated Dacian Ciolos.

Speaking about Cristian Ghinea’s leaving from the MFE leadership, since he will candidate for Save Romania Union, PM said that he encouraged him to engage himself in politics.

“I’ve said before that it’s a good thing to have ministers, secretaries of state, young people who engage in politics. I encouraged him and I sincerely wish him a lot of luck”, said Ciolos.

After he announced his resignation on Facebook in the morning, the European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea submitted his resignation to the PM Chancellery, and then he announced it in the Government’s meeting. “The Prime-Minister will make a new proposal for this position in the coming days”, announced the Government’s spokesman Liviu Iolu on Wednesday.


Sources: Dragos Cristian Dinu, taken into consideration for the MFE leadership


The Secretary of State in the European Funds Minister, Dragos Cristian Dinu, is taken into consideration for taking over the leadership of the Ministry after Cristian Ghinea’s resignation, stated governmental sources for Mediafax.

Dragos Cristian Dinu, 38 years old, is a Secretary of State in MFE since May, 2016.


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