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September 30, 2022

Premiere in Romania: Six electric cars have crossed Romania, from Bucharest to Timisoara, in the Electric Drive Caravan

The first public network of fast charging of the electric cars developed by Renovatio in partnership with Kaufland, Renovatio e-charge, is completed: the Romanians can cross the country driving eco on the Arad – Bucharest – Constanta axis.

With this occasion, the first caravan of electric cars, including 6 Volkswagen Egolf cars, inaugurated the route, fueling at the load stations of the Renovatio e-charge network from the Kaufland car parks.

Renovatio, Kaufland Romania and Volkswagen started the first edition of the caravan Electric Drive, which marks the completion of the public network of fast fueling of the electrical cars on the Arad-Bucharest-Constanta axis, an impact project for a sustainable future developed by the three companies after a successful partnership.

This is the first public network of fast charging stations for the electrical cars. The network that crosses Romania from Southeast to the West became operational six months earlier than the originally announced deadline.

“With the completion of the infrastructure for the electric cars on the Constanta – Bucharest – Timisoara – Arad corridor, it becomes possible to break the barriers of the city and to leave the comfort zone offered by the load solutions from its office or home and to travel long distances with electric vehicles between the country towns. Specifically, the Electric Drive caravan aims to show that through the development of the public infrastructure, of the loading network Renovatio e-charge, the electrical cars become a viable alternative, both in the city and between the big cities” , said Alexandru Teodorescu, CEO Renovatio.

Six teams, made up of Lucian Mandruta and Andrei Secretianu, George Buhnici and Marian Andrei, Dragos Stoica, Costin Giurgea and Tudor Bratu, Oraan Mărculescu, Alexandru Teodorescu left Friday, October 21, from Bucharest, on the route Pitesti – Ramnicu Valcea – Sibiu. Saturday morning, October 22, the crews went from Sibiu to Timisoara, on the Sebes – Deva – Faget route.

They drove Volkswagen Egolf cars in the longest race with electrical cars in Romania, to demonstrate that the new infrastructure allows the long autonomy of an eco car and that it can be driven also in Romania with environmental responsibility.

On the route, the crews used for supplying the charging stations of the Renovatio e-charge network, which are so quick (DC 50kW, which loads 0-80% of the battery capacity in approximately 30 minutes) and with normal charging mode ( AC 22kW). These stations are made available to the general public in the car parks of Kaufland stores in Arad, Timisoara, Deva, Sebes, Sibiu, Pitesti, Constanta and Bucharest.

To encourage the environmental responsibility initiatives, Kaufland Romania offered a prize to the crew who managed to drive on this route the most efficiently, offering the winner the sum of 5,000 euros to donate them to a further social cause that promotes sustainability.

“We are pleased that the first network of public charging stations of the electrical cars is fully functional and can help the Romanians to drive eco. The environmental responsibility is a priority for us in everything we do and we want to inspire further the environmental care. Therefore, we are offering to the Romanians for free electricity in the stations of the car parks of Kaufland stores. Also, we offer them autonomy to everyone who wants to drive eco, through this network that now crosses the country from South-East to West” ,said Valer Hancas, Communication and Corporate Affairs Manager Kaufland Romania.

“Who thinks about the future, is thinking at redefining the concept of mobility. So, since 2015, Volkswagen, with the support of Renovatio, installed the first Quick Charge station type, CCS, in Romania, this being available to all the Volkswagen customers. The eGolf-efficiency model is reflected, of course, in the budget, because, compared with the conventional propulsion, the operating costs of an electric vehicle are much lower. At 100 kilometers, e-Golf consumes 12.7 kWh / 100km, so only 6.85 RON / 100km (at a price of electricity of about 0.54 RON per kWh), “ said Bogdan Florea, Volkswagen Brand Manager.

In the press conference on Friday, Alexandru Teodorescu announced that, in addition to the completion of Constanta – Timisoara axis, Renovatio and Kaufland Romania are preparing the opening of the Bucharest – Brasov – Targu Mures – Cluj – Oradea corridor, which will be completed by the middle of the next year . Simultaneously, they aim for the development of the Bucharest – Iasi corridor.


About Renovatio

Renovatio is one of the pioneers of the renewable industry in Romania, being the company that developed the first wind farms and photovoltaics in our country. The company’s activity has two fundamental parts: the commitment to the continuous innovation and care for the environment. Renovatio is targeting a future where the eco transport will gain a, increasingly large scale and, therefore, will continue to accelerate the investment at national level in making the necessary infrastructure.

Renovatio e-charge is the first based network for rapid charging solutions dedicated to all the users of electric vehicles in Romania. The network will have at least 50 Fast Charge  charging points, ensuring the electric mobility in the great cities and along the Pan-European corridors that are crossing the country.


About Kaufland Romania

Kaufland is one of the largest retail companies in Europe, with over 1,300 stores in seven countries. The social responsibility programs are a key component in the company’s strategy. The environmental and social responsibility is an essential aspect of the Kaufland’s corporate policy. Most of the CSR projects of Kaufland are made in partnership with the regional or national non-governmental associations. Besides education, they support the projects dedicated to the environmental protection and to those who aim to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports activities and the adoption of a balanced nutrition.


About Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the major players operating in the auto market in Romania. The Volkswagen electric models available for sale in Romania are  complemented by Volkswagen e-up !, which reinvents the concept of mobility.

In the Salon in Paris, Volkswagen presented the prototype I.D., which  represents Volkswagen’s vision for the future. By I.D., Volkswagen opens up a new way. It will be the first Volkswagen on the market built on the new platform Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). I.D. is a compact class electric vehicle, with which Volkswagen wants to expand its high-volume models.

Also in the Volkswagen stand was presented the last generation of e-Golf, which will be presented in premiere to the world in November this year. Equipped with a system to detect gestures and an autonomy of zero-emissions up to 300 kilometers, the new e-Golf sets new standards.

The Volkswagen’s dealership network, where you can purchase the electric models, is in number of 9, covering the whole country. In the location of each e-retailer there at least two charging points for the electric vehicles. Thus, we can talk about a network of charging points that is constantly developing.



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