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August 15, 2022

Siemens Romania: The German-Austrian axis with a local flavor. George Costache, Siemens Romania CEO, speaks about the company’s roots and where it is headed

Siemens is a leading global technology company, founded 169 years ago. The company has been present in Romania for over 110 years, time during which it has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability. Its local roots are mixed: both Siemens Germany and Siemens Austria have been pivotal to the development of the Siemens Romania organization.


Which are the key business segments for Siemens Romania?


We offer our clients in Romania access to the complete Siemens portfolio, focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization.

As one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, our business in Romania goes from power generation and power transmission to smart grids, from intelligent mobility and efficient building management systems to completely automated solutions for industry, from various big data applications to integrated technologies for smart cities.

Also, over the years, we set up various regional and global hubs for research and development. Now, Siemens Romania has four centers which are developing solutions in fields such as IT or process safety management for oil & gas. We are also proud of the four Siemens factories in Sibiu and Buzias, two of which have expanded this year.


You are a German company, but you belong to a region that reports to Siemens Austria. How is your organizational culture influenced by its German and Austrian roots?


We have been present in Romania for 111 years, thus we can claim to be a Romanian company as much as we are a German one.  Of course, by working closely with teams in Austria and Germany, we value and share the qualities that have built the reputation of these nations over the years. Punctuality is very important for us, for example. So are reliability, quality and keeping our promises in front of our stakeholders.

By being part of a company that is present in over 200 countries, an important advantage is the access to a global knowledge pool, sharing best practices and constantly being up to date with the latest market trends and products.


Can Siemens Romania employees find opportunities for professional development in Austria and Germany? Do employees take part in job rotation programs?


Absolutely. There are numerous opportunities for our employees to take part in delegation programs or get permanent roles in cities all around Austria and Germany. We have witnessed many such examples over the years in all business spectrums. We have colleagues who went abroad to develop their skills and came back to take over more responsibilities in Siemens Romania. We also have colleagues who decided to settle in Vienna or Munich. Generally speaking, our Austrian management appreciates the dedication, working discipline and the excellent language skills of Romanians.


What are the company’s plans for Romania?


Over the past fiscal years, Siemens SRL significantly expanded its research and development activities in Cluj-Napoca. The location is Siemens’ forth R&D center in Romania, which opened in August 2014 after an initial investment of EUR 4.5 million.  Also this year, Siemens completed the expansion of two of its factories in Sibiu and Buzias. Siemens is committed to the Romanian market, where we see great potential for production and R&D. We will also continue to strengthen our position in the 3 core areas of the company: electrification, automation and digitalization.

In terms of business opportunities, we are eager to see larger infrastructure investments. We see opportunities in the market particularly due to the European funds allocated for Romania in 2014-2020. Our future depends on intelligent infrastructure that optimizes energy generation and distribution, makes buildings smarter, and keeps traffic flowing. With Siemens’ automated infrastructure technologies all of these challenges can be tackled to improve quality of life, capacity and efficiency.


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