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June 22, 2021

El Clasico, the Iraq proposal for the Oscars 2017, will open the third edition of Travel HipTrip Film Festival

Get your film fan  visa from the only travel film festival in Romania, HipTrip Travel Film Festival, which will take place this year between 27-30 October at Cinema Union and The Eforie Cinema in Bucharest. Over 20 films from around the world, most of them first time in Romania, will be presented to the lover public of travel and cinema.



Starting this year, HipTrip Travel Film Festival has a new person that selected the films to be screened. Catalin Olaru, the first winner of Alex Leo Serban scholarship for film criticism in 2012 and the winner of “Be critical at Cannes!” contest in 2015, has chosen for the Travel HipTrip Film Festival’s audience films that illustrate the theme of the festival and the current cinema alike.

“The destinations that we choose, both the tourist and the cinematographic, say a lot about us. Tropical beaches or inaccessible peaks? Unpretentious comedies or arthouse experiments? Whether we speak about movies or trips, moderation is always a difficult goal to achieve. At the third edition of HipTrip, we wanted to find a balance between commercial and artistic, but also between 100% travel, 0% cinema, and cinema-and-nothing-else. Whatever the preferences, we want that HipTrip be that festival where you travel and also feel at home’, says the film critic Catalin Olaru.


The director Halkawt Mustafa, special guest at HipTrip 2016


The festival will debut Thursday, October 27, with the film El Clasico, the Iraq proposal for the 2017 Oscars. The film tells the story of two brothers suffering from dwarfism, Alan and Shirwan. They live in a small Kurdish town isolated in Iraq. Alan dreams to start a family with his girlfriend, Gona, but the girl’s father, Jalal, opposes the marriage of the two. Knowing that Gone’s father, a shoemaker, is a strong supporter of Real Madrid, the brothers are venturing into a dangerous journey to Spain. Alan hopes to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and give him a pair of football boots made by Jalal, to persuade the latter to become his father in-law.

Presented in several festivals around the world, El Clasico received this year two trophies at the Tribeca Film Festival and the trophy for the best foreign film at the Traverse City Film Festival.

The screening in Bucharest of the film will take place in the presence of the director Mustafa Halkawt. Born in 1985 in Sulayman, a Kurdish city in Iraq, Halkawt Mustafa moved with his family in Norway in 2000, a country where his parents had political asylum. Halkawt has studied directing at the Film Academy in Oslo.

The film which he made in 2011, Red Heart / Rodt hjerte, was purchased by a distribution company during the Film Festival in Cannes and won the award for The Best Film and The Audience Award at The Film Festival in Vincennes .


Leave from HipTrip, in an adventure with an unknown destination


Because this year the HipTrip’s motto is “Get your film fan visa”, the spectators who come to the festival screenings can go directly from the cinema in an adventure with an unknown destination. The Blue Air airline company will offer the flights, and the travel booking portal Vivolis.ro will provide the accommodation at the final destination.

The first adventurers will be decided by drawing lots of spectators to the screening of  El Clasico (Thursday, October 27 at 20:30 at Eforie Cinema), and what  will they  initially find out  are the details about the weather at the destination and what clothes they must put in the luggage. They will find out the destination to which they will take off only at the airport.

This year will be offered three such adventures with an unknown destination.

HipTrip Travel Film Festival is a festival dedicated to the moviegoers addicts of travels and to those who are seeking inspiration for the future journeys. It is a way of remembering to anyone that the film itself is an open journey who takes us to the most remote corners of the world, through vision of the filmmakers who created it.





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