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Final day for filing candidacies, intense pilgrimage of parties and independent candidates to the Electoral Bureau

Thursday, October 27, was the final day in which lists of candidates and independent candidacies could be filed. The candidacies will remain final on November 7.

According to the timetable of the December 11th parliamentary elections, October 27 was the deadline for the filing of candidacies.

By October 29, local electoral offices must decide whether to admit or reject the candidacies filed for the Senate and Lower Chamber. The decisions can then be challenged by October 31. All challenges will be solved by courts by November 2, and any appeals to the court’s decisions must be filed by November 4. A final decision must be taken by November 6, so that the final candidacies can be revealed on November 7. A day later, November 8, the party lists and the independent candidacies will be filed with the Central Electoral Office. On November 8, the candidates’ order on the ballots will be established through a draw.

A similar procedure was followed in the case of candidacies filed in constituencies located abroad and of candidates representing ethnic minorities, but it started on October 12 and the final candidacies were revealed on October 23.


Scandal in Ponta’s fiefdom. PSD Gorj threatens mass resignations


Two hours before the PSD Gorj party branch filed its lists of candidates, over 30 mayors and local branch leaders challenged paty president Liviu Dragnea’s decision to eliminate Ion Calinoiu from the lists, Mediafax informs. Calinoiu has been sentenced to prison.

Half of PSD Gorj’s mayors demanded, on Thursday morning, the urgent convening of an internal meeting at the party branch’s headquarters in Targu Jiu, to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that the lists of candidates were modified. PSD President Liviu Dragnea did not accept the lists voted by the Gorj party branch’s Executive Committee and eliminated the candidates who received court sentences.

“The mayors and local branch presidents of PSD Gorj have forwarded an appeal to PSD President Liviu Dragnea, an appeal against the lists of candidates approved by the National Executive Committee on Tuesday, October 25. Local officials and leaders have asked PSD Gorj President Florin Carciumaru and PSD Gorj Executive President Ion Calinoiu to take part in the talks, talks whose atmosphere was not tense but was one of unity. The demand is to give up on the list established by the central leadership, because the party branch’s Executive Committee’s secret and democratic vote was not considered. Otherwise, there is the risk of PSD Gorj filing the candidacies with the Gorj County Electoral Office and, of course, of the party branch becoming divided,” reads a communique released by PSD Gorj.

The initial list for the Senate was opened by Ion Calinoiu. Liviu Dragnea eliminated him from the list after he was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended sentence, for perjury.


Alina Gorghiu about PNL’s lists: “We have to have our revenge”


The National Liberal Party (PNL) wants to have their revenge in Bucharest, in this year’s parliamentary elections, PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Thursday. On Thursday, the Liberals showed up at the Municipal Electoral Office to file their lists of candidates, on the last day in which parties could do so. PNL’s lists in Bucharet are opened by Leon Danaila for the Senate and Adriana Saftoiu for the Lower Chamber.

Alina Gorghiu stated that the Liberals filed the lists “thinking about victory.”

“We have to have our revenge, and we will have it in Bucharest with a very good list. I’m proud PNL today presents a list that covers everything that healthcare, education, entrepreneurship means, there are people from all domains, very well prepared, people with integrity, two conditions that make the difference in contrast to other lists. Bucharesters will see this difference throughout the elections campaign,” Alina Gorghiu said.

She also said that “everyone should have the possibility to enter an electoral competition without there being a threshold of [support] signatures, the censorship of signatures.”

“We should sit at the table and decide to change these conditions, because 200,000 signatures for someone who wants to enter the electoral competition means a lot. I would be glad to see many people entering the electoral race to represent the electorate in Bucharest and elsewhere,” she said.

In what concerns PNL’s candidates, Alina Gorghiu said: “These are my colleagues, who are taking part today, alongside me, in taking the first step for Romania’s future, a future with integrity and which means anything but a convicted Premier [in office] at the Victoria Palace.”


Traian Basescu runs for Senate seat: “I’m not ashamed to run in Bucharest”


Popular Movement Party (PMP) Traian Basescu stated on Thursday he will run for a Senate seat, pointing out he is not ashamed to do so in Bucharest after winning two terms as Bucharest Mayor and two terms as Romanian President, and adding that as a Senator he will use all the experience he gained.

“[Senator Traian Basescu] will take to the Senate all the experience he gained as member of five Governments, as Bucharest Mayor, as Romanian President for 10 years. I will put all this experience in the service of the Senate, of the party, of the country, because, after all, my life was in the service of the state, including during the time I was ship commander,” PMP President Traian Basescu stated at the Municipal Electoral Office when filing his party’s lists for the parliamentary elections.

The ex-President said he is not ashamed to run in Bucharest, pointing out that he left a legacy here. “I believe we will obtain a good result in Bucharest because I left a legacy here from the time I was Bucharest Mayor. You can see the no.41 tramline, the utilities meters for apartment buildings, the Basarab overpass for which I fought so hard has turned out to be a viable project, 120 km of new tramline, 110 modernised schools. I’m not ashamed to run in Bucharest,” Traian Basescu answered when asked about the result he plans to obtain in Bucharest.

He also stated that he will file his candidacy with the hope that a 300-seat Parliament will be adopted in this session of the legislative, that the education law will revert to its initial form – the Funeriu-Miclea law – and the new healthcare bill that PMP has filed in Parliament will be adopted.

Asked whether he would vote for Dacian Ciolos for the Premier’s office, Basescu answered: “Well, is he running for any office? Let’s get to the point the Government is formed.”

Traian Basescu refused forming “majorities before the elections.” “I prophesise that they (those who are doing so – editor’s note) will have surprises,” Basescu said.


Electoral Bureau rejects registration of USR election sign


The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) rejected on Thursday the registration of the election sign filed by the Save Romania Union (USR), a release of the institution informs.

At the same session on Thursday BEC adopted a decision on specific measures regarding the exercise, at the upcoming parliamentary election, of the right to vote via the special ballot box.


Nicusor Dan: PSD blocking USR from running in the elections


Save Romania Union (USR) President Nicusor Dan stated at a press conference on Thursday that PSD is deliberately trying to block USR from running in the elections, adding that there is information that the Social Democrats will file 100-200 challenges against the Union’s lists, News.ro informs.

“In the past 10 years nobody managed to stop us, a criminally convicted person – Liviu Dragnea – will not manage to stop us now,” Nicusor Dan stated.

“It’s PSD’s deliberate attempt to block USR’s access in the elections,” Nicusor Dan said.

He mentioned several relevant facts: at first, USR did not obtain from PSD mayors permits to put up tents for the collection of signatures of support; PSD filed three challenges against USR’s candidates for the Diaspora, seeking an annulment; PSD filed a challenge against the 350,000 signatures that USR filed; PSD filed a challenge against the USR-USB merger protocol; PSD filed a challenge against the electoral logo that USR filed with the Central Electoral Office.

“And we have information from our colleagues throughout the country that 100-200 PSD challenges will be filed against the lists of candidates we are filing today in all 42 constituencies. As I said at the beginning, all these facts show PSD’s deliberate attempt to block a party, USR, from taking part in the elections,” Nicusor Dan added.


Elena Udrea runs as independent for the Chamber of Deputies


On Thursdays afternoon, Elena Udrea has submitted candidacy as independent for the Chamber of Deputies to the Bucharest Electoral Bureau.

“I submitted the signatures, I submitted my candidacy. I am glad that I succeeded to gather the signatures, it wasn’t easy. The current law is designed against the independent candidates and small parties. I am glad that there were many people who supported me, who gathered signatures for me. I’m entering in this competition in which I would have been even unwillingly. I am a target, but I don’t accept to be a victim. I chose to enter in this competition, and the proposal that I am making to people in Bucharest and to Romanian people, in general, is to allow a politician (because now technocrats are in fashion), who showed courage and honesty to these people, to continue a battle that needs someone to assume”, stated Elena Udrea at Bucharest Electoral Bureau (BEM).

She also stated that in the next days she will present her program with which she enters into the campaign for a new seat of parliamentarian. “I’ll bring a series of proposals, a more attractive program, more realistic and useful than the collection of platitudes presented by Dacian Ciolos, referring to legislative initiatives who must be approved, such as the amendments to the law on financing political parties, the law of lobby, the amendments of the Constitution to clearly decide which are the attributions of the powers into the state, we need to harmonize the criminal laws with the decisions of the Constitutional Court, we also need laws to determine the responsibilities of the representatives of the state institutions”, Udrea stated.

She explained which the reasons for not applying on the lists of the Popular Movement Party were: “For not causing criticisms according to which I am hiding behind some lists, as well as for not giving the opportunity of the system’s representatives from inside the press to attack PMP and Traian Basescu”.

“Me and Traian Basescu are not rivals, on the contrary, we complete each other. I wish both me and PMP to be part of the new Parliament. I wish to vote from inside the Romanian Parliament a Government from which PMP will be part, with Traian Basescu as Prime-Minister”, Elena Udrea also added.

Asked if there’s possible for her signatures for the parliamentary elections to be challenged, she said that if someone doesn’t want her to enter the competition, this will be possible. “I suppose that this is possible in anybody’s case. If there are people who do not wish me to enter this competition, I guess that, according to the law, they can submit this contestation”, stated Elena Udrea for Romania TV.

Udrea also stated that she didn’t think that she will not enter the Parliament, since she relies on the people in Bucharest who still believe in her.

“I never thought that I will not enter the Parliament. I believe I will enter the Romanian Parliament, even for the reason of a simple calculation that I’ve made. In 2014, I got 60,000 votes in Bucharest. Today, an independent candidate needs less than a half of this number. I guess there still are enough people in Bucharest who believe in Elena Udrea and who will vote for me to allow me to enter the Parliament, where I believe that courageous people, even politicians, have to be, added Elena Udrea.


Iohannis: In election campaign political forces have opportunity to prove show and politicianism stage is over


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that he would wish politicians to not be motivated by the “percentage rush” in the parliamentary election campaign, but by the respect towards the voters, claiming that this is the moment when the political class can mature.

“I would want politicians to not be motivated in this campaign by the percentage rush, but by the respect toward the electors. The voters matured. It is time the political class, in its ensemble, did it too. I believe that in this campaign the political forces have the opportunity to show that they, themselves concluded the phase of empty promises, of non-substance performances and politicianism,” the head of state revealed at the Parliament Palace.

He claimed that the national minorities have “somehow an advantage” in the elections because they are not “under the percentage pressure as much as the other electoral competitors.”



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