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February 4, 2023

Liviu Dragnea: 70 pc new names on PSD’s lists for parliamentary elections

PSD’s National Executive Committee (CExN) validated on Tuesday the lists of parliamentary elections candidates filed by all county branches, the share of new candidates reaching almost 70 percent, PSD President Liviu Dragnea announced on Tuesday evening.

“We are talking about 67-68 percent new candidates for Parliament. Likewise, each list has on average at least one woman candidate. Young candidates are very well represented, far better than they were in the past. We had in mind that PSD’s lists should be professionalised lists so that all of Parliament’s commission, special commissions, would be populated with representatives that are very well prepared in that field,” Liviu Dragnea stated at the end of the meeting.

Asked if he will run in the December 11th elections, Dragnea answered: “in the end, yes, in Teleorman.” In April 2016, the High Court ruled a one-year final suspended prison sentence against the PSD President, for voter fraud at the 2012 presidential impeachment referendum.

Only two Social Democrats with integrity problems were eliminated from the party’s lists. One of them was Ion Calinoiu, former Chairman of the Gorj County Council, who received on Tuesday a suspended prison sentence for perjury (continued offence). Targu Jiu Mayor Florin Carciumaru, criminally investigated for corruption, took his place on the lists.

Ioan Cindrea was the other Social Democrat eliminated from the lists. He should have opened the party’s list for the Senate in Sibiu. Cindrea received a one-year final suspended prison sentence in early 2016, for hiring his wife at his parliamentary office. Dissatisfied with the decision, Cindrea resigned from the helm of the PSD Sibiu party branch and walked out of the CExN meeting.

Liviu Dragnea stated that the mayors who will run on the party’s lists must choose between remaining in office or taking their seat in Parliament, provided they win, claiming he does not believe in electoral “powerhouses.”

Likewise, the PSD President announced that PSD will have a person with disabilities on its lists in Caras Severin.

“I’ve also heard questions about the candidacies of Mr. Banicioiu and Mr. Teodorovici, why Mr. Banicioiu in Iasi and why Mr. Teodorovici in Tulcea. I had talks with these two colleagues and we jointly agreed on these two locations for the following reasons: in Tulcea –people probably forgot that there are European Union grants allocated for the Danube Delta and for most of the county, grants of over 1 billion Euros. (…) It’s important for the authorities and citizens to have an MP that is experienced when it comes to both European Funds and the state budget and more, to help them. In our economic platform, the healthcare domain has top priority. Iasi is also an important university centre, but also one of the locations where we will want to build one of the eight large regional hospitals in Romania. Banicioiu is an experienced man, who worked and is working on the governing platform,” Dragnea argued.

PSD’s CExN also decided to maintain MP Viorel Stefan on the lists “following the incident at the loan reconversion bill,” according to the PSD leader.

“They aren’t very well known, because they are young. We didn’t court top personalities, we were very much interested in opening up the party. (…) I believe we, in the Lower Chamber, have only two or three well-known names. Apart from that, they are all new names, young and very young, very well prepared and there are at least three civil society representatives on eligible places. Mr. Ciprian Necula… Anyone who has been in an NGO obviously has not been involved in politics. Ciprian Necula is a man I have known for a long time, and not just me, a man whom I very much appreciate for his activity as civil society representative; he is a left-wing man who supports the left wing’s values and principles. Likewise, Florin Manole is a young man who is active also in the civil society domain. Likewise, Ms. Oana Florea, from FACIAS, very well-known and in whom we have a lot of confidence,” the PSD President stated, Agerpres informs.


Ponta, currently under court supervision, validated on PSD lists. Dragnea: Let Ciolos challenge us at the CCR


PSD’s Executive Committee validated ex-Premier Victor Ponta on the list for the Lower Chamber, despite the fact he is criminally prosecuted while placed under court supervision and PSD’s code of ethics forbids party members who have legal problems from running for office.

Asked whether there is a waiver for Victor Ponta, for him to run in the December 11th elections on PSD’s lists, Liviu Dragnea stated that “yes, there is this waiver,” without going into any details.

“Talk to Ciolos so he will challenge us at the Constitutional Court, because I understand he already has a team busy only with this – filing challenges at the Court over anything. He signs whatever Court challenge is placed before him…. Let him challenge this too,” Dragnea sarcastically told journalists.

PSD’s Code of Ethics stipulates that a party member remanded on conditional bail, regardless for what charge, will not benefit from the party’s endorsement in the elections.

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