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March 6, 2021

PNL slogan for the elections, “Dare to believe in Romania led by honest people”, striking similarity with the message already launched by PSD

The National Liberal Party (PNL) head of campaign Gheorghe Falca (photo)  stated on Tuesday that PNL hasn’t copied the slogan of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) “Dare to believe in Romania”, and that Liberals shouldn’t be mistook for Victor Ponta.

“We hope people will not mistake us for Mr. Ponta. I believe all Romanian people believe in Romania and we want to believe in Romania led by honest people. It’s something normal to believe in Romania’s history, in Romanian values, only that all these things must be led by honest people, not by Dragnea, and we even proposed an honest man, Mr. Ciolos. It’s that simple”, explained the PNL head of campaign Gheorghe Falca for MEDIAFAX, being asked to comment on the similarity between the PSD slogan “Dare to believe in Romania” and the PNL one, “Dare to believe in Romania led by honest people – Dacian Ciolos, Prime-Minister”.

Falca claimed that there is no similarity between the messages of the two parties.

“To believe in Romania is a matter of feelings, and we believe in Romania, we wouldn’t be engaged in politics if we wouldn’t believe in Romania. We wouldn’t be here if we wouldn’t believe in beautiful people. But compared to PSD, we don’t believe in dishonest people and we want honest people, and we even provided an honest man, Mr. Ciolos, to the people. We cannot liken Mr. Ciolos to Mr. Dragnea. We are talking about fair people who believe in Romania, they are talking about Mr. Dragnea. We feel Romanian, we love Romania, we believe in Romania, but a Romania led by honest people”, concluded the Liberal.

Gheorghe Falca refused to say to whom this slogan belongs, stating that it is assumed by PNL.

Sources within PNL stated for Mediafax that Liberals have a cooperation with Traian Basescu’s former strategist Felix Tataru, but they didn’t assigned him the authorship of the slogan.

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