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December 2, 2022

PSD circulates first name for PM’s office

Last-hour calculations within PSD. After the Liberals announced they will back Ciolos for the office of Prime Minister, the Social Democrats are preparing two options. Liviu Dragnea remains for the time being their top option as future Head of Government. The back-up option circulated is Sorin Moisa (photo), MEP and former aide to Dacian Ciolos.

PSD is scoring well in all opinion polls published lately, including in those ordered by PNL and USR. Alongside ALDE and, possibly, other parties too, the Social Democrats seem certain they will form the Government after the parliamentary elections. Nevertheless, Liviu Dragnea refuses to talk about PSD’s nominee for the office of Premier.

Those close to the PSD President see him as the man for the job and state that he is not foreign to harbouring such ambitions. Nevertheless, President Iohannis has clearly announced he will not appoint to the Premier’s office someone who has legal problems of a criminal nature, and Liviu Dragnea did receive a final prison sentence and is currently indicted by the DNA in a second case. In these conditions, the Social Democrats have a back-up option for the Prime Minister’s office, according to political sources.

PSD could nominate an MEP for the Premier’s office, political sources told stiripesurse.ro. The person mulled is MEP Sorin Moisa. Liviu Dragnea’s friend, Moisa was Dacian Ciolos’s deputy director of cabinet while the latter was European Commissioner. In the Social Democrats’ opinion, the MEP would be an option that President Iohannis would find impossible to refuse.

According to his resume, Sorin Moisa is an economist and has a Ph.D. in International Relations from the Oxford University. In February 2010, he was European Agricultural Commissioner Dacian Ciolos’s Deputy Director of Cabinet. He has significant high-level political experience within the European institutional environment (European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament). According to his resume, he directly contributed to the Republic of Moldova’s rapprochement with the European union, to the liberalisation of the EU’s wine market for Moldovan wine imports, and also to integrating the Republic of Moldova’s economy with the European economy. Along with his partners, he drafted a project on the relaunch of fruit farming in Romania, project financed from the rural development fund.


Sorin Moisa rules out being PSD’s nomination for PM: “A person reasonably known by the party is needed”


MEP Sorin Moisa dismissed on Wednesday the rumours concerning the possibility of being nominated by PSD for the Premier’s office, stating that he had no talks in this sense and he does not want the job because a party’s choice for the Prime Minister’s office should be a person reasonably known by the party’s members.

“Such talks, with me, didn’t take place. But even if such a proposal were to be made, I would turn it down. Let me explain why. I’m a convinced Democrat, with some books read in this matter and with a fairly long professional experience when it comes to at least observing Romanian politics and, obviously, European politics. A party’s choice for the Prime Minister’s office should be a person reasonably known by the party itself, and by public opinion. Otherwise, the democratic process would be deprived of its most precious substance: the conscious choice, the investing of trust. Truth is I’ve been a PSD member for only two years and a half, and I’m still quasi-unknown in the party. The blame, if we could speak of blame, is mine: PSD cleared the way for me and backed me in absolutely anything I wanted to do, and I focused almost exclusively on my work in Brussels. These have consequences on the plane of legitimacy and authority,” he explained on Facebook.

He also emphasised that his nomination “would border on technocracy, with all of its democratic legitimacy problems: someone of small political weight, but coming based on alleged professional qualities and good international image.”

Moisa argued that he formed a duo with Dacian Ciolos in Brussels and “people might think that, regardless of the democratic vote, the elections’ result is somewhat predetermined: an appointment from the same close circle backed ‘from abroad.’”

“I know that’s not the case at all, but because Romanians do have this sensitivity it would be better for the health of Romanian democracy for the option of this nomination to be ruled out from the start, albeit a pure press speculation. In conclusion, common sense, democratic culture and realism prompt me not so much to turn down the offer – because it did not exist – but to publicly state that the idea itself, as honouring as it is, doesn’t seem good to me,” Moisa concluded.


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