BNR’s Isarescu to bankers: Benevolence! You must show goodwill; insolence must be eliminated

Banks must invest in continuous staff training, grant a special attention to front desk employees, who have direct contact with customers, give up arrogance and show benevolence to customers, National Bank of Romania (BNR) Governor Mugur Isarescu maintains.

“Reinvest in staff training. Europe is moving very fast, and we cannot pass by it, because we are in Europe. Cut arrogance! This is what the public sees, and this is not only in Romania. The constant dialogue with the customer and the society seem essential and are related to ethical standards. (…) Benevolence! You must show you have goodwill, explain things, therefore insolence must be ruled out. The front desk manager, because he is in touch with the customer, if he is overloaded and tired…” Isarescu recommended bankers in the “Banking Compliance Summit.”

According to him, banks must regain their dignity and customers’ confidence, because people come to banks to “deposit their fortune.”

On the other hand, Mugur Isarescu also spoke of the need to strengthen the internal control of banks, so the central banks’ regulations be not blamed any longer when something goes wrong inside a bank.

Moreover, the BNR governor explained to those believing that the BNR supervision oversteps its duties that the central bank’s regulations are in accordance with what is happening in Europe.

In this context, the governor recommended banks to improve the relation with the supervisory authorities, as well as with the shareholders, customers and other interested parties.

Another recommendation to banks is that on solving the deficiencies in real time and on spot.

Strengthening the professional ethics, avoiding some mistaken decisions, but also continuing the financial education process are also among the BNR governor’s recommendations to banks.

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