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September 25, 2020

Iohannis, Ciolos attend the commemoration ceremonies of the heroes of the October 1916 battle on Jiu River

 Iohannis: The battle at Podul Jiului, one of the most important examples of courage


The battle at Podul Jiului was one of the most important examples of courage worthy of the grand chronicle of the WWI, on Friday said President Klaus Iohannis while attending in the southwestern city of Targu Jiu the commemoration ceremonies of the heroes of the October 1916 battle on Jiu River.

“Here we are together in the place where a century ago the Romanian Army was winning its second great victory, after the one at Oituz. That moment, which represented a turning point in the unfolding of the war in the fall of 1916, would have never been possible, had it not been for the sacrifice and determination of the Gorj people. What inspired the fortitude and firmness of the ones who gave their lives in the Jiu battles was the full devotion for the salvaging of the national spirit,” said Iohannis.

He added that without these sacrifices, without the victory of the Triple Entente, the Greater Union of 1918, a “milestone in Romania’s history,” would have not been possible.

“Now, a century later we understand much better the message of that generation: the great national projects are based on both the vision of a responsible political class and the solidarity and capacity of steering huge collective energies towards a joint goal,” the head of state said.

Iohannis emphasised that the victory of exactly 100 years ago placed generals Culcer and Dragalina amnong the heroes in the nation’s memory, alongside the young teacher-scout Ecaterina Teodoroiu.

“In the memory of Romanians, Ecaterina Teodoroiu remains perhaps the most known name of the Great War. Her prominent presence in the national Pantheon next to the luminous figure of Queen Marie, shows that the Great War marked also a deep change of the society that would achieve its institutional expression in the Fundamental Law of 1923,” stated the President.

Iohannis also talked about the work of Constantin Brancusi, showing that the artist demonstrated that the chance of the Romanian society stands also in the integration of its creative potential in Europe and worldwide.

“Also in 2016, we celebrate 140 years since the birth of Constantin Brancusi. (…) Brancusi is telling us over the years that in order to achieve the great ideals of our nation, we must overcome not only the objective hardships, but in particular the subjective factors, the mentalities and fully assume the values. ‘Things are not hard to do. What it is really hard is to put us in the state to do them.’ This aphorism of Brancusi is an excellent urge to us and firstly to the youth of the Centenary generation,” said the head of state.


“ Authorities’ responsibility and political class’ credibility increase, essential”


President Klaus Iohannis on Friday said that Romania plans to contribute through its own future project to a European Union providing security guarantees to all its citizens, underscoring that it is essential to have an increase in the authorities’ and public institutions’ responsibility, as well as in the credibility of the political class.

“We initiated the demarche of drawing up a Country Project starting from the opportunities of the current context which Romania, as EU and NATO member state, mustn’t miss. On the other hand, in the European construction to which it belongs since 2007, Romania plans to contribute through its our future project to a Union capable of providing real prospects of prosperity and security guarantees to all its citizens. For all these, it is essential to have an increase in the authorities’ and public institutions’ responsibility, as well as in the credibility of the political class, which should raise to the ethical and integration standards which the citizens expect,” Iohannis said, at the ceremony on the occasion of commemorating the heroes of the battle on Jiu River of October 1916.

He also said that marking the WWI and the Great Union Centennial represents “a very good opportunity for a future project, for a Romania that finds resources in its great identity values.”

Also attending the ceremony carried out in the Endless Column are Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, ministers, France’s Ambassador to Romania, local authorities, parliamentarians.


“Communities need a different kind of administration, preoccupied with the citizen, not with own gains”


Another way of making administration, with emphasis on the citizen and not on local administration’s own gains is needed, on Friday said President Klaus Iohannis at the ‘Strong Romania: citizen-oriented political vision and public services’ debate in southwestern city of Targu Jiu.

“I think it is time for a change of paradigm in the administration. The local communities need a different way to make administration – transparent, efficient, responsible, law compliant, preoccupied with the citizen and not with their own gains or a political party’s gains. The progress of a community cannot exist in the absence of a correct relationship between citizens and institutions. Citizens are the most important allies, the most honest and trustworthy, because it is their community,” said the head of state.

He emphasised that transparency in the functioning of the local administration, the county public services as well as the opening for a dialogue with the civil society are the first indicators of good intentions in governing the community and a first chance to development. Iohannis added that profitability of the public services is also necessary.

The head of state also said that society has changed over the past years, and that citizens wish to see professionalism, integrity, honesty, a proper, rational spending of the public resources from the decision-makers.


PM Ciolos: Targu-Jiu administration has asked Gov’t for assistance to complete renovation of Heroes’ Path ensemble


ciolosPrime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Friday in the southwestern city of Targu-Jiu that the local administration has the Government’s support for completing the renovation of the local Heroes’ Path, adding that each Romanian has a duty to contribute, according to their own means, “thoughts or deeds” for the preservation of the legacy of renowned sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

“The Heroes’ Path monumental ensemble of Targu-Jiu, the homage paid by Constantin Brancusi to the war heroes, urges us to talk about the duty of each of us to participate, according to our means, thoughts or deeds toward the preservation of the great sculptor’s legacy. Brancusi entrusted you with caring for this Heroes’ Path, and we, the Government included, have a duty to help you succeed. I told the mayor that you have the Government’s full readiness to complete this project for the renovation of the Heroes’ Path, to put this place beyond its actual physical location, in the place Brancusi derives, not just in our hearts and our history, but also in the universal collective consciousness,” said Ciolos.

He added that Brancusi’s works should not be locked away in some troves, but to be out in the open for the people to see.

“I am inviting my fellow citizens to remember that not long ago, under the communist regime, Romania rejected Brancusi’s artistic and cultural legacy. Keeping in Romania as many of Brancusi’s works as possible must not be hindered by bookkeeping or political arguments, and it is important that these works stay in the country, as it is equally important that they not be locked away in some troves, because they must be out in the open for the people to see them and for their wisdom to be carried on for all those who want to get inspiration from this infinite fountain of wisdom that Brancusi was,” Ciolos concluded.

In Targu-Jiu on Friday, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and President Klaus Iohannis also attended the WWI centennial and the 140th birth anniversary of Constantin Brancusi.

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