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April 12, 2021

A gesture that causes controversy: President Klaus Iohannis was photographed sitting at the Table of Silence, although the monument bears the message “Please avoid contact with the works!”

President Klaus Iohannis was photographed on Friday at the Table of Silence, the famous work of Constantin Brancusi, although near the monument there is a message asking tourists to avoid the contact with the works, according to Mediafax.

After attending to the ceremonies occasioned by the celebration of the heroes of the battle on Jiu since October 1961, which took place close to the Endless Column, the Romanian President accepted the invitation of the local authorities to visit Brancusi’s works from the Central Park.

The head of state was photographed while sitting on one of the chairs at the Table of Silence, although the message: “Dear visitors, let’s keep the Brancusi heritage intact for the next generations. Please avoid contact with the works!” was posted a few meters away from the work.

Local police officers said that only persons who climb the works with their feet can be fined.

“In the Central park there are placed banners prohibiting climbing the works with the feet. There was no offense in this case”, stated the Targu-Jiu Local Police spokesman, Alexandra Petrita, to the Mediafax correspondent.

The representatives of the Targu-Jiu Municipality stated that there is a decision of the Local Council establishing the circumstances in which sanctions can be applied.

“The best explanation can be provided by the Local Police, who has the decision of the Local Council regarding Constantin Brancusi’s works, which it has to guard. Local Police is able to categorize this gesture”, stated Aurel Popescu, the Vice-Mayor of Targu-Jiu.

Journalists asked President Klaus Iohannis explanations for this gesture, but the head of state refused to make any statements.

President Klaus Iohannis’ mistake to be photographed sitting on a chair of the “Table of Silence” was remarked also on Facebook. The photography became viral on Internet, the head of state being taunted without mercy by politicians and analysts; many of them made countless jokes and allusions on the fact that until recently, “silence” was the President’s attitude.


Ponta: Should we be surprised? Not only the Government belongs to him, Brancusi also belongs to him


Very attentive to Iohannis’ mistakes, the former PM Victor Ponta didn’t miss the occasion provided by Iohannis’ photography while he was sitting on one of the chairs of the Table of Silence, and taunted him again.

“Should we be surprised? Not only the Government belongs to him – Brancusi also belongs to him / the houses in Sibiu, too / the large villa in Bucharest, too / the new armored Mercedes cars, too / and he will also have his aircraft! Actually, the whole Romania belongs to him, now. That ‘the smart guys’ gave it to him!

We don’t have anything to do…”, Ponta wrote on Facebook on Saturday.


Craiova Mayor, Lia Olguta Vasilescu: Such a blunder?


“The photo of the day. It will become viral. The President sat at the Table of Silence… If I were him, I would fire my image adviser. Such a blunder?” wrote Olguta Vasilescu after seeing the image of Klaus Iohannis.


PNL Leader: Olguta Vasilescu’s nerve proves that honor is negotiable in PSD


Olguta Vasilescu is harshly attacked by a PNL leader, after saying that the image with Iohannis sitting at the Table of Silence was an image mistake.

“Olguta Vasilescu’s nerve proves that honors is negotiable in PSD, from leaders to simple members. Denigrating the President of the country on any occasion and having the attitude of a state within a state, when you appear with handcuffs at your hands like the worst delinquent, means not to have any other landmarks in your life than the envy, revenge and deceit.

The unscrupulous lady who always was on the side of the slackers, political migrants and the outlaw persons, the lady who thinks that administration can be done with a leg in the DNA court and another leg in the City Hall, the lady who publicly spills frustrations, filmy admitting that she “did it” without having luck, is the same who is investigated in her quality of mayor for bribery, money laundering and using her influence to obtain undue benefits. This is the kind of miserable campaign that bears the stamp of Olguta Vasilescu, who doesn’t have the necessary voice to say what she wants in Parliament and to say that she lied people in Craiova all this time.

When she doesn’t try to attack Justice, Olguta Vasilescu’s main occupation is discrediting. Her lamentations will not decrease the number of the handcuffs worn by those who deserve them, and will not affect the evolution of PNL, a party that will always vote at sight any request coming from DNA. The presumption of innocence guaranteed by Constitution is one thing, while a gangrenous PSD and the voided consciousness of some people hoping that they will eternally fool the law on the sly, is another thing.

P.S. Mrs. Vasilescu would never could to take a seat at the Table of Silence because she doesn’t know when she should be silent and when she should speak. One more thing… don’t try to throw stones when you have a glass house!” wrote on Facebook the PNL Craiova leader, Mario Ovidiu Oprea.


Basescu: Iohannis couldn’t be inferior to Ciolos and sat with his bottom on one of the fundamental works


The President of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), Traian Basescu, stated on Saturday, that the head of state didn’t want to be inferior to PM Ciolos and “sat with his bottom on one of the fundamental works” of the sculptor, saying that after he understood the “boorishness”, he should tell children no to do the same.

“Brancusi lovers! Is it possible to have a little of common sense? Julien succeeded to humiliate Brancusi by missing with a smile on his face the public subscription for purchasing the work ‘Wisdom of the Earth’. At least he could present a public excuse for missing the action and for showing the respect for Brancusi’s work. Werner didn’t want to be inferior to him and he sat with his bottom on one of Brancusi’s fundamental works, namely ‘Table of Silence’. After he understood the ‘boorishness’, he could have told children not to do as he did”, wrote on Facebook the PMP President Traian Basescu.

Traian Basescu has rhetorically asked himself if “nobody teaches common sense” to PM Ciolos and President Klaus Iohannis.

“Isn’t there anybody to teach these people common sense? I mean, when you’re not sure that a public subscription will be successful, you don’t launch it in order not to prejudice the value of the artist’s works, respectively you don’t sit with your bottom on a masterpiece, even if it’s made of stone”, he said.


The first reaction from Cotroceni, after Iohannis mistake. Presidential adviser Andrei Muraru recalls Basescu’s “boorish” actions


Presidential adviser Andrei Muraru answered on Facebook to the criticisms brought to Klaus Iohannis by Traian Basescu, who accused the head of state of “boorishness”, presenting a “selection” of replies of the former President given to journalists or opponents, such as “stinky gipsy” or the attack against Crin Antonescu, whose wife committed suicide.

“Former President Traian Basescu appreciated that President Klaus Iohannis showed ‘boorishness’ because of sitting at the Table of Silence in Targu Jiu. In the same time, the former head of state asks himself annoyed: ‘Isn’t there anybody to teach these people common sense?’

In the absence of a subjective selection, we could be convinced by the honesty of the good manners lesson provided by the former President:

1) A journalist from Antena 1 asked Traian Basescu how he sees the Romanian Police, The answer came promptly: ‘Anyway, much more beautiful than you’ (2005)

2) About Lavinia Sandru: ‘I warn her that in politics is very easy to reach the bypass of the politics’ (2005)

3) About the journalist Ovidiu Zara: ‘Such an asshole thinks that he can makes us fall in his traps like this’ (2006)

4) To a journalist which everybody knew that she has been diagnosed with a serious disease: ‘May God give us as much health as the truth we are saying related to the story you’ve presented in the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper!’

5) To a journalist from Timisoara, who asked him to explain how the first aid course he attended to was: ‘If you climb the table, I’ll show you what I’ve learned’ (2006)

6) To the journalist Andreea Pana, who was trying to have a statement from him: ‘Hey pussy, don’t you have anything else to do?’ After taking her phone, he called the journalist ‘stinky gypsy’ (2007)

7) To a journalist who asked him about the result of a motion of censure: ‘Of course, I’ll come straight to your office to do it’ (2007)

8) To a journalist from Antena 3, on the hall of the Parliament Palace: ‘You fool!’ (2009)

9) About the President of the Senate at that time: ‘He will remain virgin if he will put his chastity belt on. Being the second man in the state, we’ll provide him with a belt, to put it on’ (2009)

10) To a political leader, whose committed suicide: ‘a man to whom no dramatic incident happened in which he left his wife alone, allowing her to reach in difficult situations’ (2009)

P.S. I believe that any President has the Prime-Minister he deserves. Thus, I found a profound style relation between the appellation ‘stinky gypsy’ and ‘Hey, Doina!’”, wrote the Presidential adviser Andrei Muraru.





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