Gabriela Firea: I couldn’t be a version of Prime-Minister. I obtained the vote of the people in Bucharest and I wish to take this mandate to an end

Bucharest General Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Friday for the B1 TV News that she doesn’t wish to be a PM after the elections of December, because it would mean to deceive the expectations of the people in Bucharest.

“I couldn’t be a version of Prime-Minister simply because my name is Gabriela Firea, not Nicusor Dan, who came in the campaign for the local elections, asking for the vote of the people in Bucharest, not succeeding to be mayor, but forming the largest group of general counselors after PSD, in the General Council. They have never proposed a project for Bucharest in four months, he opposed to all of my projects and now they have abandoned Bucharest and Mr. Dan wants in Parliament, he wants to save Romania. I wish him a lot of luck”, Firea stated.

“I have obtained the vote of the people in Bucharest and I wish to take this mandate to an end for four years, to handle the Capital’s problems, which are huge and require work from morning to night, and we fallow things that are blocked since years. What reputation would I have in front of people in Bucharest who have voted me, sending me to the Bucharest City Hall to work, if I would say that I’m going now to be a Prime-Minister?

It’s not fair and we have to understand that such a gesture towards people means disappointment not only regarding us, but for all of the politicians”, Gabriela Firea added.


Works on the Arch of Triumph will be finalized in several weeks. National Day can be held there


Bucharest General Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Friday for Romania TV that in maximum three weeks, the works on the Arch of Triumph should be finalized, so that the parade of December 1, on the National Day, can be held there.

“We had several working sessions, which means that we finalized a hot dispute related to the Arch of Triumph. It was blocked for one year. Works have been stopped because some divergences between constructors. It was also a matter of safety measures against earthquakes that have been taken. They have been implemented from USA and they don’t have EU certification, but an Italian laboratory issued the certification… In brief, for not entering in sophisticated details… I can say that in this evening I have signed an addendum with the constructor. Payments that will be considered to be eligible will be made by the Municipality. In 2 or 3 weeks, the constructor will finalize the works, so that, with God’s help, the parade for the National Day can be held under the Arch of Triumph. This work lasted much too long because of a contract that was concluded inappropriately from the beginning. We have the guarantee under the constructor’s signature. It doesn’t have any reason to last anymore”, stated Gabriela Firea at Romania TV.

The consolidation of the Arch of Triumph started in February, 2014, based on a contract in value of RON 30.4 million, of which RON 20.5 million should have been provided from European funds. From this amount, a little more than RON 19 million were used until the date when the invoices were accepted by Brussels, and the rest of the amount, in value of RON 3.15 million, was going to be provided from the local budget of the Bucharest Municipality.

In June, 2014, Sorin Oprescu, the Bucharest Mayor at that time, said at the Arch of Triumph that “I hope that the parade will be held here in 2015, on December 1”. But the parade was held in front of the Parliament Palace last year, too.

The reason of the delay of the project and, implicitly, of the money from Brussels, was exactly the projection made by the Municipality which was reflected in the specifications of the tender won by a consortium led by Romconstruct, namely the company of the former shareholder from Dinamo, Vasile Turcu. More precise, the Bucharest Municipality made everything to have seismic equipment made in the USA.

We are talking about a total of eight seismic dampers that have to be fixed by the monument’s bases, and 24 seismic isolators. Until receiving this equipment overseas, the constructor has actually detached the Arch of Triumph from the soil, cutting two big pieces from the monument’s foundation. If an earthquake would have happened then, the Arch of Triumph would have simply collapsed.





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