Heated public disputes over “lawbreaker” status. Tariceanu, Basescu, Dragnea, Udrea remind President Iohannis that he too was a “lawbreaker”

President Klaus Iohannis reiterating last Thursday his stance that he will not give up on the condition for the future nominated Premier to be a person who did not receive a criminal sentence has sparked a veritable dispute over what the status of “lawbreaker” entails, several politicians coming up with proof that the Head of State himself was the target of a criminal probe and had criminal files. Although he had stated otherwise when answering some politicians’ accusations that he is not quite in the position to talk about “lawbreakers,” considering he too was criminally prosecuted.

“This is the pot calling the kettle black,” Klaus Iohannis replied on Thursday when asked for his comment on the statements made by Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who had accused the President of being “a stark lawbreaker,” and by Traian Basescu, who had accused him of being a “demagogue.”

“If you are referring to some statements about case files I allegedly had, I can reconfirm to you that I, Klaus Iohannis, was never criminally prosecuted. It’s very simple, it can be easily verified. I wasn’t criminally prosecuted, I did not have case files, I didn’t have problems,” the Head of State said.


Tariceanu: “I’ve verified. Here’s the result: Not only was Iohannis Klaus Werner criminally prosecuted, but he was actually indicted in criminal cases”


Calin Popescu Tariceanu (photo), the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), contradicted the Head of State on Friday, pointing out that, according to the judiciary’s online records, not only was he criminally prosecuted but he was also indicted.

“I have verified. Here is the result: not only was Iohannis Klaus Werner criminally prosecuted, but he was actually indicted in case files 270/P/2006 and 5/P/2007, something easy to verify in the judiciary’s online records,” Tariceanu said on Friday after Iohannis had claimed on Thursday that he was never criminally prosecuted. On Thursday, Klaus Iohannis had replied once again to Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Traian Basescu, by saying that “the pot is calling the kettle black” and that “several famous lawbreakers” are trying “to whitewash their image.”

On Friday, Calin Popescu Tariceanu again accused Klaus Iohannis of obviously engaging in electioneering. “Our public warnings about the flagrant breaking of the Constitution and the heavy responsibility he is taking on have had no effect, on the contrary, they have potentiated his pro-PNL and pro-USR propaganda against the rest of the competitors,” the ALDE leader said.

According to Tariceanu, “the President has taken on the major risk of breaking the Constitution, because the moment is approaching when he will have to give some answers about him obtaining some real-estate assets in Sibiu through the use of false documents.” “With a Parliament, a Government and a party he would control in a discretionary manner, the President hopes to evade the problems caused by the use of false documents and, moreover, not to pay to ANAF [Romanian tax authority] the debts he owes to the Romanian state.”


Presidency responds: These are speculations


Presidential Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi denies “the speculations circulating today in the public space” and reiterated the statement that the President was not criminally prosecuted. “Concerning the speculations circulating in the public space today, let me point out this information is completely false. To properly inform the public opinion, I am reiterating what Romanian President Klaus Iohannis stated repeatedly, namely that he was never criminally prosecuted. Of course, throughout the years there were a series of “kind-hearted people” who filed various complaints against him. In such situations, it’s mandatory for prosecutors to carry out verifications. As a result of these verifications, all of these complaints were dismissed by prosecutors, which means that the President was never criminally prosecuted in any of these cases,” Madalina Dobrovolschi stated.


Dragnea: Iohannis was a lawbreaking candidate too, however the stars subsequently lined up and he got rid of this status


Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday evening that in Klaus Iohannis’s conception a man who went to jail for “stealing an egg, a loaf of bread, out of hunger,” should be sentenced to death since he can no longer get a job, not even as a security guard.

“I see this man is talking nonsense lately. I’ve seen he is preoccupied with the hiring of security guards, with the conditions for hiring security guards. I want to tell him something – I wouldn’t have done it but several outraged Romanians living abroad have asked me to. There is no such thing anywhere in Europe, for a man who had a problem in life – let’s say he stole an egg or a loaf of bread because he was hungry, and he went to prison for six months; in Mr. Iohannis’s mind that person should be sentenced to death. After that man serves his sentence he no longer has any chance to reintegrate because our king has said he can no longer be employed, not even as a security guard. What is that man supposed to do? Steal,” Liviu Dragnea said, according to news.ro.

The PSD President said that Ciolos is for Iohannis “the security guard watching the flock of ministers.” “I’ve seen he is preoccupied with the hiring of security guards. I’ve seen that for him the Premier of Romania is his security guard, namely the security guard watching over the flock of ministers,” he added.

According to him, President Iohannis lacks the capacity allowing him to enforce “censorship on the list of some parties.” “Likewise, in what capacity does this man take the liberty to think he can censure the lists of some parties? He has the right to a single vote. The rest will be the Romanians’ decision on December 11. Neither he nor the parties that back him should imagine the Romanians will allow themselves to be tricked again. The stars lined up subsequently and he obtained a favourable ruling. But what would have happened had he not run for office? Romania would have been deprived of this historical chance to have a man of such value at its helm,” Dragnea added.


Traian Basescu: What Klaus Iohannis is doing is a demonstration of demagogy. He ran for the Sibiu City Hall while being indicted


Ex-President Traian Basescu also commented, in a phone interview with the “Politician’s File” television show, on Klaus Iohannis’s statement that he will not give up on his condition for the future nominated Premier to be a person who was never criminally sentenced.

In this context, Basescu reminded the fact that at the time he was running for the Sibiu City Hall, in 2008, the current Head of State was indicted.

“I am not indicted in any case. Very many cases were opened, there is only one case in which I am a suspect. Although I showed up and gave a statement, I was not indicted. I do not forget that I ran for President while being indicted, in the Fleet case, because that was what PSD established. That’s history. Because of that, I have always been reserved in what concerns filing your candidacy when you are only accused and not on trial. What Mr. Iohannis is doing is a demonstration of demagogy. He ran for the office of Sibiu Mayor while being indicted, including in 2008. Today he has a file in which he lost a house against the backdrop in which his family is accused of forgery in deeds by private signature. I believe at this moment the correct solution is for the presumption of innocence to operate until a ruling is made,” Basescu stated.

“Look at France. Alain Jupe, Sarkozy’s contender for the nomination, was sentenced to two years for the financing of the elections campaign, so not for stealing. I agree that those who stole should be sentenced. Campaigns stand apart if you did not embezzle campaign contributions and you used them for banners, advertising, campaign paraphernalia. There are people who lose their electoral rights following a conviction. The problem is – do we respect the Constitution or not. If you haven’t lost your electoral rights you are free to have them. We cannot be holier than the Pope, even though the U.S. ambassador comes up and tells us it is not all right to finance banners, coats and umbrellas, in the context in which U.S. election campaigns see billions of Dollars in campaign contributions from companies and those who contribute the most are appointed ambassadors.”

“The problem has to do with honesty. At this moment, a campaign is being waged – I don’t know who is behind it, but I assure you it’s not conceived abroad, it’s conceived domestically – to destroy the political elite, to weaken the country. I don’t want my discourse to get close to that of Ghita, PRU or PSD, but nobody can suspect me of lacking sufficient experience.”

“After December 2014, the policy is “destroy Romania’s economic elite, political elite, because we have something else to do.” We should bring all kinds of stutterers that would not be responsible for their country. The technocrat Government is the first I’m talking about, about this party that was somehow for Bucharest and now becomes I don’t know what for the whole fatherland.”

“There are some miscreants whose goal is the internal weakening of Romania, in order for them to then see on whose platter they would place it. It’s not clear to me on whose platter. It’s clear that the goal is the destruction, the arrest, the compromising of the political and economic elite.”

“Let me give you an argument: all miscreants have moved on to a different type of accusation, the likes of being accused for influencing financing decisions, accused for instigating the financing of someone’s elections campaign. Nobody contributed from the value of the works they had to carry out. They all financed campaigns from their profits. So far I haven’t seen a prosecutor levying accusations that someone did not build one kilometre of expressway because they paid campaign contributions. And the theory that the DNA is launching, that any campaign contribution means money laundering, no, it cannot, at most it can mean illegal campaign contribution,” the ex-President said.

“I am convinced something is being planned for Romania ever since January 2015. For as long as I’ll live I won’t let them do what they want, at least I’ll talk about it, I’ll use this right to talk. Whoever believes he will shut me up because he wants to is wrong. (…) A Romania weakened day by day by all kinds of fabricated accusations will be a Romania forced to its knees. Until 2014 Romania was not on its knees. (…) I understand what is going on. The problem is with the Romanian people who don’t understand what is happening to them,” Basescu added.


Elena Udrea also presents evidence Iohannis was indicted


iohannis-penalLower Chamber MP Elena Udrea also came up with evidence contradicting President Iohannis’s statement that he was never indicted. On Friday, she published on Facebook a High Court note that confirms her claims:

“Klaus Iohannis serenely stated yesterday (last Thursday – editor’s note) that he was never criminally prosecuted. It’s a lie that proves lack of character. He seems to be following in Ponta’s footsteps. I hereby attach a photograph of the answer that the General Prosecutor’s Office (back then led by Kovesi) gave in 2009 to a Sibiu-based publication. In it there is talk of Sibiu Mayor Iohannis’s capacity as defendant.”

“Today’s discussion exists not because the current President was guilty, because, as proven, the accusations were not confirmed. But because Iohannis does not understand the Constitution, which talks about the citizen’s rights, including the right to be elected.”

“So, Mr. President, would you nevertheless like to take a closer look at this photograph and say whether you were criminally prosecuted or not? And, if you remember that that was how things were, how come you ran for office back then or why has your discourse changed so much?”

“P.S. Observation – Laura Codruta Kovesi and Klaus Werner Iohannis cohabitated pretty well when the former was prosecutor in Sibiu. She kept the case files locked up,” Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook.


“FBI has reopened its Hillary Clinton probe. Following Iohannis’s logic, how could you appoint a lawbreaker at the White House?”


“The FBI has reopened its Hillary Clinton probe. So, in the minds of the American ambassador to Bucharest and of other Romanian demagogues, Hillary has become a “lawbreaker.” Will they ask Hillary to bow out or not? How could you have a criminally probed person running for the White House?”

“I think Iohannis, Ciolos, Pruna, Kovesi, Coldea, Gorghiu, Nicusor Dan, Clotilde, PNL, USR, the embarrassing propagandists from the Romanian press, and some members of the civil society should demand, invoking the Romania-U.S. Strategic Partnership (which is a document that bounds both sides to respect the same principles and rules), that Hillary Clinton bows out of the race for the White House because she is a lawbreaker.”

“Let Hillary first solve her problems with the FBI, prove her innocence, and only then run again. Isn’t this what they are saying should happen in Romania too? Following Iohannis’s logic, how could you appoint a lawbreaker at the White House?”

“In conclusion, I’m waiting with bated breath for a posting on the website of the Romanian Embassy in Washington, for Romanian Ambassador to the U.S. George Maior to hold a press conference, after meeting Obama and Kerry, and explain to Americans that Romania finds it unacceptable for a lawbreaker to run in the race for the White House.”

“Come on boys, courage. Explain to the Americans how it goes with rule of law and the proving of innocence,” Elena Udrea wrote in another posting on Facebook.


‘Lumea Justitiei’ publishes proof Iohannis had criminal files


‘Lumea Justitiei’ (luju.ro) journalists have published a document they claim proves the fact that President Klaus Iohannis had criminal files at the DNA and at the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals.

Thus, the source published an older document, an official DNA document, that was revealed for the first time by journalist Marius Albin Marinescu, director of the Sibiu-based ‘Justitiarul’ magazine. The document is a note that DNA prosecutors Doru Tulus and Claudia Rosu sent to Alina Marinescu on 12 May 2010, confirming that Iohannis had two case files that were merged.

Basically, in September 2009, the criminal prosecution of Klaus Iohannis, who was indicted for malfeasance in office against public interests, was stopped and it was also decided not to start a criminal prosecution against him for malfeasance in office and professional misconduct.

At the same time, prosecutors ordered the case to be disjoined and declined their competence, in favour of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals’ Prosecutor’s Office, to continue to investigate the crimes of tax evasion in the form of omitting to include in accounting books or other legal documents all or part of the commercial operations carried out or the income registered, and malfeasance in office with serious consequences.

According to the source, the case was then closed at the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals’ Prosecutor’s Office.

Likewise, ‘Lumea Justitiei’ journalists point out that it is impossible for the Head of State not to have known he had a criminal file since the Penal Procedure Code stipulates that a person is to be notified when a criminal probe targeting them starts, when they are indicted or when the criminal prosecution stops.

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