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January 27, 2022

Parliament’s joint commissions vote to revoke ASF President. Negritoiu threatens lawsuit

The Parliament’s joint Budget and Economic Policy commissions voted on Monday in favour of revoking Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) President Misu Negritoiu (photo). Negritoiu sent the MPs a letter in which he threatened to file a lawsuit against a possible decision to revoke him.

The ASF President refused to attend the meeting, telling MPs in a letter that Parliament’s control is “expressly and unequivocally limited” in what concerns the appointment and revocation of ASF’s leadership.

“Consequently, revoking a member of ASF’s leadership is not legally possible as long as he continues to meet the criteria on which his appointment was based, any decision to the contrary being abusive, against the law and hence null and void and will be annulled as such by the competent courts and authorities. We would like to inform you that ASF will see fit to defend its reputation and independence against any such action and will act appropriately in this sense to make sure the legal provisions are observed. In what concerns yours truly, I assure you I don’t want to hang on to any seat nor do I seek personal objectives, and that is why I firmly reject the insinuations made in this sense by some members of Parliament’s special commissions,” Negritoiu points out in the letter he sent to Lower Chamber Speaker Florin Iordache.

The revocation proposal was adopted by an overwhelming majority, a single abstention being registered, that of Lower Chamber lawmaker Aurel Vainer (ethnic minorities’ representative). PNL’s Lower Chamber lawmaker Constantin Dascalu did not vote.


“Misu Negritoiu can no longer evade responsibility for the RCA’s failure”


After the Lower Chamber’s Economic Policy Commission started the procedure to revoke the ASF President, PSD Vice President Mihai Tudose stated that ASF is only filling up a hole by digging an even deeper one.

“Today everyone is dissatisfied: clients, insurance companies. Only you are apparently satisfied with what is happening in the insurance domain. Things can no longer go on like this. (…) Delays with every measure you took. (…) While you were thinking about, studying this problem for years, people are still waiting to get their cars out of service. (…) If you believe you have done everything possible in this domain, I’m telling you, in agreement with my colleagues, that it’s not enough. Maybe someone who can do more and do it faster will come. This government emergency ordinance is a disaster. You’re only filling in a hole by digging an even deeper one,” Mihai Tudose stated at the meeting, Gandul.info informs.

Moreover, on Monday, Mihai Tudose stated in a communique that Misu Negritoiu can no longer evade responsibility for the failure of the Civil Responsibility Auto Insurance (RCA).

“Misu Negritoiu can no longer run away from responsibility for the RCA failure. I asked him to resign last week for the blow to millions of drivers. The Romanian state cannot pay tens of thousands of Euros per month for the incompetence and disinterest of the current ASF President. Parliament has given the current ASF leadership a mandate that was as clear as possible, a mandate that hasn’t been respected. The hiking of the RCA is a measure that affects the Romanian middle class and is not justified from the point of view of insurance costs or from the point of view of the income registered by each family of Romanians who have a personal car. PSD will analyse which is the best course of action to resolve the situation, so that drivers would not pay for the errors made by the ASF. Just as we did by eliminating the 102 non-fiscal taxes and by adopting the law on the conversion of CHF-denominated loans, PSD is acting to solve Romanians’ problems through concrete solutions, not through talks,” Mihai Tudose pointed out.

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