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Romanian politicians’ messages after first round of presidential elections in Moldova

According to the results announced after the tallying of 98.32 percent of the votes, pro-Russia candidate Igor Dodon has won 48.71 percent of the votes in the Moldovan presidential elections and will face Maia Sandu – a politician considered to be pro-European, who won 37.94 percent of the votes – in the runoff. The voter turnout stood at 48.9 percent according to preliminary data, Mediafax informs.

Several Romanian politicians have called on Moldovan voters to mobilise and vote in favour of pro-European candidate Maia Sandu in the Republic of Moldova’s presidential runoff.


 President Iohannis: I hope second round of elections in Moldova observes European standards


The presidential elections of the Republic of Moldova represent a crucial moment for the state’s future, President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday.

He shows that on Sunday he had constantly been informed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry about the ballot development, including through the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau.

“I am voicing my hope that the second round of elections of 13 November 2016 is carried out in good conditions, with the observance of the European standards on election conduct, in the spirit of fairness and transparency. In context, I underscore the importance of further ensuring the internal stability and the responsibility of the entire political class,” reads the president’s message sent after the first round of the presidential elections of the Republic of Moldova.

“The strategic partnership for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova between Romania and the Republic of Moldova must be developed and strengthened, same as the reform process in a European spirit, aimed at continuing the European integration to the concrete benefit of all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” Iohannis mentions.


PNL’s Gorghiu: Presidential runoff in Moldova, a chance for preserving pro-Europe orientation


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Alina Gorghiu on Monday said that the second round of the presidential election in Moldova is a chance for preserving Moldova’s pro-Europe orientation.

“I want to congratulate the Moldovans, who after 20 years showed up to elect their next president, and I am also glad that the election was held without incidents. It is good news that there will be a runoff, which is a chance for Moldova to preserve its strategic direction and pro-Europe orientation,” Gorghiu wrote in a Facebook posting.


Basescu: “Republic of Moldova is PRO WEST, PRO ROMANIA”


Ex-President Traian Basescu has forecast that Maia Sandu will win the presidential runoff, welcoming the result registered on Sunday.

“The Republic of Moldova is PRO WEST, PRO ROMANIA. Igor Dodon hasn’t won the presidential elections in the first round, even though his Russophone electorate was totally mobilised to go out and vote. Maia Sandu has managed to enter the runoff with a good score of 38 percent, although a significant part of young voters did not vote but will surely do so in the runoff.”

“On Sunday, November 13, Maia Sandu will win the presidential elections with 53 percent of the votes and the Republic of Moldova will remain Pro-Europe and Pro-Romania, with voter turnout set to surpass 55 percent. Bravo Maia, bravo citizens of the Republic of Moldova!” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.

On the other hand, MP Theodor Paleologu thinks that Maia Sandu has a “small but real chance” to become President.

“Thank God Dodon did not win in the first round! Thank God there is still a small but real chance left for Maia Sandu to win the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova! From now on I hope the people of Bessarabia will mobilise against the policy that Dodon represents,” the MP wrote on his page.


Ghinea: A sad result, because more was possible


Former European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea, USR’s candidate in the parliamentary elections, stated however that Sunday’s result “is sad primarily because doing more, doing it better and at the necessary moment was possible,” referring to what Romania could have done for a truly democratic Moldova.

“What if Traian Basescu, after taking that excellent decision to donate 100 million Euros to Moldova, wouldn’t have taken the catastrophic decision to entrust Elena Udrea with the money. At [the helm of] a ministry that had zero experience and zero expertise as external donor. Back then, I amicably argued with the Swedish ambassador to Chisinau. The ambassador claimed that Sweden is Moldova’s biggest bilateral donor, I claimed that Romania is. She told me: let’s see the money and the projects implemented and then we’ll talk. I wrote two public reports while Basescu was President, in which I warned that the money is blocked or poorly spent. Back then his aide Iulian Chifu became angry with me. So did two MAE [Romanian Foreign Ministry] departments. In the end, though, I was right: although the assistance project should have been finalised in 2014, not even half of the sum has been spent by 2016,” the ex-minister wrote on Facebook.

He drew a parallel between Maia Sandu and Dacian Ciolos and emphasised that Traian Basescu and Victor Ponta should have implemented the “conditional aid” principle much earlier, the conditions being transparency, democratisation, anti-corruption.

“How would things have turned out had we realised earlier that we cannot leave in the hands of oligarchs the money meant for the elimination of the oligarchy? How would things have turned out had we had, six years ago, when Moldova was getting rid of Voronin, a Romanian Development Agency – RoAid – that would have better managed the money that Basescu promised?” Ghinea rhetorically asked.


Romania’s Ambassador in Chisinau: Regardless who will be president in Moldova, Romania wants fair relations


Regardless of who will be the democratically elected president of the Republic of Moldova, Romania will want to have ‘fair’ and ‘of principle’ relations, based on which we can consolidate cooperation, Romania’s Ambassador in Chisinau Daniel Ionita said in an interview to AGERPRES on Monday, one day after the first round of the presidential elections of the Republic of Moldova.

“As far as we are concerned, the result should be only one: regardless of who will be the democratically elected president of the Republic of Moldova, Romania will want to have fair and of principle relations, based on which all the forms of cooperation can be continued and consolidated,” the diplomat said.

Ionita said that the Republic of Moldova represents a “perennial strategic priority” of Romania and the only path it should follow is “the European path, the path generating not only the so much needed stability, but also the prosperity desired for all the citizens.”



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