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January 25, 2022

Senate tacitly adopts 27 bills

*Senate Deputy Speaker Ioan Chelaru: Some are electioneering, some have already given up


On Monday, the Senate tacitly adopted 27 bills, including the ones redefining indoor areas where smoking is banned, hiking the medical doctors’ salaries by 25 percent on 1 January 2017, and limiting the reduction of prison sentences for convicts who write scientific papers.

The tacit adoption deadline for the 27 bills expired on October 24-27 and the bills will now go to the Lower Chamber in their original form.

The Lower Chamber will debate and vote them as the decisive Chamber.

“Regretfully, and this is an experienced MP telling you this, in general it sometimes happens at the end of the tenure that the quorum is not met, there is no activity or maybe some of the colleagues are already electioneering… I don’t want to justify anyone, each colleague will justify his activity before his own constituency,” Senate Deputy Speaker Ioan Chelaru said.

Asked what could be the cause of the absenteeism, he answered that some of the Senators are electioneering, others have other activities, while others have already given up on their activity after they were no longer endorsed for a new stint.

“It’s difficult to give explanations for others, but based on my experience I can say that, in general, two or three weeks before the end of the tenure the activity slows down a bit,” Chelaru concluded.

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