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March 29, 2023

The war of slogans continues between PSD and PNL. Dragnea, decided to seize the state institutions: They stole our slogan, they flouted it

psdThe war of the accusations between the Social Democrat Party and the National liberal Party on the electoral slogans continues with new statements by each side.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea (photo) stated in Thursday that the slogan launched by PNL is “an intellectual theft”, for which liberals will have to pay, stating that PSD slogan is registered with the State Office for Inventions and Marks (OSIM) and, more than this, the Liberals used the image of a child without his parents’ consent.

“The slogan ‘Dare to believe in Romania’ is registered with OSIM, because that’s how things have to be done, but it was stolen by thieves. They will pay for this. Because thieves have to pay. Theoretically they have to pay, even if they will not pay in a period in which they are protected by somebody who takes care of the guardians. They will pay sometime, because these deeds cannot be erased”, stated the PSD President.

PSD takes into account to seize the competent institutions, he stated.

“It’s a normal thing for us, as a party, to seriously take into account to seize the state institutions, who will not react for sure, because they are concerned about other subjects given by this man with guardians, since he knew when certain files will come to the Parliament. I understand that he is also taking care of the files. I tell you that they will have to pay, we let them alone until today, since they started this miserable campaign. These people don’t understand that they don’t have the right to use the image of some Romanian people for miserable campaigns”, said the PSD leader, being asked if he will sue PNL.

Dragnea claimed that PNL has used the image of a child without his parents’ consent.

“And this hurts us most. They stole our slogan, they flouted it, because that’s what they know. But using the image of a child without his parents’ consent, without respecting the intellectual property rights of the company who made this video, this is a criminal offense. There are more criminal offenses, and they have to pay for this”, stated the PSD leader.

Asked if the PSD slogan remains the same, in the circumstances in which PNL has launched only a pre-campaign slogan, Dragnea stated that the liberals’ slogan is “an intellectual theft, it’s not a slogan”. “(The slogan – e.n.) is also our belief”, Dragnea concluded.

On the other hand, PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated n Thursday that Liberals have willingly partially took the PSD slogan as a part of the PNL strategy.

“I thought I don’t have to explain a slogan. It’s a willed takeover, it’s nothing else. The takeover is willed because we believe that any kind of idea meaning the trust in Romania is made with honest, fair and integer people. I believe that using any slogan that involves patriotism in a false, hypocrite manner, is a deception, and deceptions have to be finally paid. We obviously wanted to underline the message that reform continues in Romania, it can be managed only by honest and fair people”, Gorghiu explained, being asked about the similarity between the PSD slogan “Dare to believe in Romania” and the one of the PNL “dare to believe in Romania led by honest people – Dacian Ciolos prime-Minister”.


Busoi: PNL didn’t copy the PSD slogan. Dragnea copied the idea of building a great hospital in Bucharest


The President of PNL Bucharest, Cristian Busoi, also stated on Friday that PNL didn’t copy the PSD slogan, and that it was very well understood why PNL insists that Romania has to be led by pnlhonest people, stating that PSD is the one who stole the project of building a great hospital in Bucharest.

“I see that Mr. Dragnea is worried because PNL would have allegedly stolen his slogan. PNL didn’t copy the PSD slogan. I believe that it was very well understood why PNL insists that Romania has to be led by honest people, like President Klaus Iohannis, like our appointed Prime-Minister Dacian Ciolos”, stated the President of PNL Bucharest, Cristian Busoi.

“Since we’re talking about copying, last days I saw a statement made by Mr. Dragnea, regarding an intention of building a great hospital in Bucharest, and Mr. Dragnea recalled Anadolu from Turkey. I am sure you remember that the idea of building a great hospital belongs to PNL, the Bucharest branch, which I promoted and I am continuing to promote as the President of the PNL Bucharest. It’s true that I gave the example of the AKH Hospital in Vienna, while Mr. Dragnea came with the example of the Turkish hospital, which of course can be a valid example”, stated the leader of PNL Bucharest.

Busoi also said that he would be glad if the project would be performed by “the triad Dragnea-Firea-Voluntari”, which has all the administrative levers needed in order to implement this project, but he declared himself convinced that the only thing that PSD is interested to build in Bucharest is “the domination on the administration and the districts”.

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