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January 23, 2022

#3010 Festival: Musicians from 20 bands, 1,000-plus audience pay tribute to Colectiv fire victims

More than one thousand people of all ages participated in a three-day series of charitable concerts in the memory of the Colectiv fire victims, with well-established musicians and high-profile Romanian rock bands taking the stage at the H Beer Pub as part of the #3010 Festival organized by the Colectiv Goodbye to Gravity 3010 Association.

The event that ran under the motto “Heroes never die. Keep their spirits alive” commemorated the 64 young people killed in the fire that broke out on October 30, 2015, and which was at the same time dedicated to those who have been fighting for a year now with the trauma and serious injuries.

Twenty bands answered the organizers’ call and stepped into the limelight during the three days of the festival; five of them were directly affected by the fire: Fallen, Nexus, Hatemode, Gray Matters, 7 Semne, said tragedy survivor and co-organizer Catalin Scanteie.

On the first day, on Friday, it was the turn of Nexus, Florin Chilian, Compact, Talisman, Costi Camarasan Band and 7 Semne to perform; Saturday and Sunday on stage were Hatemode, Bulletproof, W3 4R3 NUM83R5, Metrock, Truda, Kempes, Fallen, Gray Matters, Coma, Anton, Krypton, Awake, Altar, Trooper. Petre Magdin, a supporter of Romania’s rock movement, was the presenter of the event.

“We thought of staging this event in remembrance of the victims of the October 30, 2015 tragedy and to donate the money raised from ticket sales to the wounded who still need treatment, around 30 of them. They need it for very complicated operations. The money the population donated to foundations in the aftermath of the tragedy will run out at some point and then we’ll be somewhat in an impasse, and we had the idea of such an event, which we hope to continue. Immediately after I was released from hospital on November 28, I started to fight and look ahead to the future, not to the past. I am trying to forget what happened there, although I have a sharper awareness of certain aspects. We helped other wounded a lot, the best we could, sending them to foundations for treatment, counseling them as to what documents to attach to their files, and it all pinnacled with this fundraising event. The rock phenomenon goes on,” Catalin Scanteie told Agerpres.

According to a general estimation, a more than 700-strong audience attended the event on Friday alone, and most contacted bands said ‘yes’ with no hesitation, with only a few exceptions who already had another engagement.

The musical project will definitely be continued, said organizer Eugen Iancu, founder of the Colectiv GTG 3010 Association, who lost his son in the fire.

Krypton frontman Gabi Nicolau confessed that the event that wrapped up Sunday night is extremely important for him because friends of his perished in the fire.

“You know what it’s like? I have them in my Facebook friend group and I can’t get myself to delete them, I just can’t do it. I further believe something far too fishy happened there, that’s my belief. It’s hard to accept that something like this can happen in this century. A close friend of mine still undergoes treatment abroad. Tragedies have occurred and will also hit in the future, but those that strike so closely leave their mark on you in particular way. Some lives will never be the same again. (…) I think those who claim that they are governing us should pay more attention to people. They actually don’t govern anything anyway. After 25 years I don’t see anything concrete and useful for man’s welfare being done,” said the artist.

He said that Krypton was present on stage in full formula.

The day of October 30, 2016 was rich in events and memories for Alexandrina Scanteie, a fire survivor who thinks that support should be directed to other burn victims too, not just the Colectiv ones.

“We ended with this series of concerts which were accompanied by moments of silence observed for the victims. It was heartwarming, people empathized, they were there. I saw on the internet that some people who had bought tickets did not come. It’s very important to extrapolate a little, reach out to other burn victims, not limit ourselves to Colectiv, because it’s a shame to do so. Any fire that makes victims is a great tragedy, it takes a lengthy recovery and entails a host of needs. Therefore social empathy is absolutely necessary. Having gone through this experience, one cannot stay indifferent, we must be united. Change is done starting with small things. As a matter of fact, this tragedy has brought to our side wonderful people we otherwise wouldn’t have come to know. So, at the end of the day, there’s a silver lining to any dark cloud,” said Alexandrina Scanteie, according to Agerpres.

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