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October 4, 2022

Targu Jiu Municipality defends Klaus Iohannis, who sat at the Table of Silence: He didn’t break the law

Targu Jiu Municipality stated in a press release that President Klaus Iohannis didn’t break the law when he sat on one of the stone chairs within the ensemble Table of Silence.

Targu Jiu Municipality issued a press release stating that it is forbidden to vandalize Constantin Brancusi’s artworks, but not to make photos, even if tourists also sit down. Local authority says that Brancusi wanted his works to be touched, to be part of the landscape.

“Any person who sits down with good intentions, without affecting in any way the parts of the Table of Silence, or those on the Alley of Chairs, in order to make photos and without an obvious intention of destroying them, is not in a situation of breaking the law. We mention that the Targu Jiu Municipality, as an owner, is constantly concerned to protect the parts of the Monumental Ensemble “The Road of Heroes”, seeking for technical solutions to improve both the environmental and the anthropic factors. By respecting our great sculptor’s wish, who said that: ‘I would like my works to be installed in parks and in public gardens, I would like children to play over them, as if they were playing over the stones and monuments raised from the ground, without being anyone who knows what they are and who made them, but everybody feel their utility and friendship, as something which is part of the Nature’s soul…’, we are not doing something else but remaining a balancing factor between all those who visit Brancusi’s works placed in the two parks of the city, keeping in the same time a profound and living gratitude for the entire heritage left by Brancusi”, shows the release issued by the Targu Jiu Municipality.


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