Traian Basescu: I can be Iohannis’s Premier

Traian Basescu stated on Sunday evening that he can be a very good Premier, even one that would allow Klaus Iohannis to fall into deep sleep at the Presidential Palace.

“I could be a good Premier that would allow Iohannis to fall into a deep sleep at Cotroceni. He would have someone in whose hands to leave the country. I’m not indicted in any case, so I can be Iohannis’s Premier. I’m telling Iohannis who is the best politician and who is best prepared for the Premier’s office,” Traian Basescu stated on Romania TV.

With the parliamentary elections quickly approaching, the ex-President also talked about the most frequently seen electoral fraud methods:

“I believe Romanian authorities have read Miron Mitrea’s book – “On electoral fraud.” Two measures will be taken at these elections: the vote count will be filmed and the vote count will not start before the vote stamps are handed over. The most massive way of stealing is to stamp [a ballot] twice, and the vote is thus cancelled. Most electoral fraud takes place in the polling centre; during the voting process the dead are included [on voter rolls] and during the vote count ballots are stamped twice. Video monitoring will diminish the theft, it will be like the Baccalaureate where it’s more difficult to cheat,” Basescu added.


“The current political class can only be swept out by the electorate”


Traian Basescu also stated on Romania TV that the current political class can only be swept out by the electorate, against the backdrop in which Klaus Iohannis stated on Sunday that those who have not understood Romania’s message after Colectiv will be swept out of the political scene.

“The political class can only be swept out by the electorate. In what concerns Iohannis’s scenario, it’s a scenario to discredit all that was done before,” Traian Basescu said, referring to the speech that Klaus Iohannis gave on the day the Colectiv nightclub fire victims were commemorated.

The ex-President lectured Klaus Iohannis on what would have been appropriate for him to state on Sunday, the day that marked one year since the Colectiv nightclub fire:

“Iohannis has entered a scenario that does not belong to the President. I believe that today, at Colectiv, it would have been very important for the President to come up with the presidential report of the Commission for Healthcare. If I were him, today I would have talked about the need for a new healthcare law, because the current system is a Stalinist one. Today, the President’s main message should have concerned the boosting of our healthcare system’s capacity to save people… we must find the formula to correctly spend what we have… The healthcare budget rose in recent years, but without any improvement in the system. The main message should have also concerned the dignitaries’ lie that we had everything we needed and the delay in triggering the European alert system,” Traian Basescu told Romania TV.

Traian Basescu also talked about the relationship between Klaus Iohannis and the Ciolos Government, but also about Iohannis’s decision to take on the role of an active president:

“If I were Iohannis I would do the same, if there is no party that has 51 percent the President has freedom of manoeuvre. The key is that after the elections nobody will cause the Government to fall twice, nobody wants to start another campaign. It is any President’s legitimate desire to get along well with the Government. It’s very bad when the President and the Premier are not forming a duo. Otherwise, either the President enters self-assumed isolation or he engages in a continuous dispute with the Government,” the ex-President said.

The ex-President also said that the Ciolos Government is a disastrous Government:

“The current Government is a disastrous Government. Had they organised at least a single tender for one kilometres of expressway I would have said they did something. Nevertheless, Ciolos is a fresh face and he’s a plus for PNL,” Basescu said.

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