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April 20, 2021

Basescu about Ciolos and Iohannis: Two cynics, capitalise on the Colectiv drama

Ex-President Traian Basescu launched another harsh attack against Premier Dacian Ciolos and President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday. “Two cynics visited Colectiv exactly 12 months since the drama,” the ex-President wrote on his Facebook page. At the same time, Traian Basescu claims that the Premier and President “cynically, unhesitatingly and unscrupulously capitalised on the Colectiv drama.”

“Iohannis states at the head of the 64 victims that the political class should be brushed away. Personally, I have serious doubts that “brushing away” is the solution. The efficient solution is the one demanded by “the street.”

Ciolos states that many irregularities were swept under the rug, in what concerns the healthcare, and that they, the technocrats, discovered them now but he will fix them after the elections. False statement: the report of the Presidential Commission headed by Professor Doctor Cristian Vladescu had conducted, as early as 2008, a precise analysis of the healthcare system’s deficiencies. The reality was known, but Mr. Ciolos himself was among those who issued a negative report on the new healthcare law which could have generated the modernisation of the healthcare system.

And because none of the two (cynical) dignitaries who politically capitalised on the Colectiv drama have reported on how they have met the demands of “the street,” I will reiterate some of them for you to judge by yourselves:

  1. The reform of the political class by:
  2. Reducing the number of MPs to 300 (law tabled by PMP in 2015, refused by PSD and PNL);
  3. Adopting two-round mayoral elections (law tabled in Parliament by PMP in 2015, refused by PSD and PNL).
  4. Depoliticising institutions;
  5. Healthcare reform (law tabled in Parliament by PMP, received negative report from Ciolos Government);
  6. Reforming the curricula in the education sector;
  7. Replacing the Ombudsman.

Maybe I didn’t pay sufficient attention and haven’t heard, haven’t seen Mr. Iohannis and Mr. Ciolos asking Parliament or Government to adopt laws and measures to meet the demands of the people who protested in Bucharest and throughout the country after the Colectiv drama.

However, I have seen and heard how Mr. Iohannis and Mr. Ciolos cynically, unhesitatingly and unscrupulously capitalised on the Colectiv drama.

Talk about technocratic efficiency.

P.S. This posting has nothing to do with the claims made by Ponta, Tariceanu, Dragnea or Gorghiu. It’s just the expression of a feeling of bitterness,” Traian Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.

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