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January 20, 2022

Ciolos dismisses allegations that Gov’t is controlled by Soros: No time and energy to combat such nonsense

Premier Dacian Ciolos said on Tuesday, in reply to allegations that the government is controlled by business magnate George Soros, that he has no “time and energy” to combat “such nonsense”.

Ciolos said that as he appointed to the government certain representatives of the civil society who were not under the control of any political party, attempts were made to attach to them a negative label by suggesting they were linked to Soros.

“NGOs equal support from Soros, so this government is controlled by Soros or from outside. They even suggested (…) that it is controlled by the European Commission or I don’t know who else, because these people have decided to work here. I don’t have (…) the necessary energy and time to combat such nonsense, what this actually is, in my opinion. I prefer to focus my energy, together with the government, on proving that we can make certain changes this country needs for us to be able to work in a transparent, honest, open, predictable manner, and not just declare that we want change, but effectively perform the change,” Ciolos told the Adevarul Live webcast.

According to the Premier, Soros has also financed NGOs close to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and other political formations.

“Soros, as far as I know from the public space, has made his fortune including from stock exchange or financial speculations, and he has financed certain NGOs in several Eastern European countries, including non-governmental organizations (…) that work with PSD or are close to PSD (…) or other parties,” said Ciolos.

He argued that attempts are made to attach “a negative connotation” to specific terms, that of “technocrat” included.

“Attempts are made by a part of the Romanian mass media to create a certain negative connotation for certain terms that are set in connection to the government. The same goes for (…) ‘technocratic government’,” Ciolos said.

He explained that the current ruling lineup has tried to reach measures that also included removing from office the persons who didn’t perform, unlike a political government that “has generally tried to protect certain political figures, even if they had issues with justice or performed poorly.”

“In connection with the term ‘technocrat’, it has been repeatedly said that ‘technocrat equals incompetent’, without explaining why and where these ideas arise from, so as to set this negative connotation in connection with this government which has tried to take certain measures including the removal from office, when necessary, of the poorly performing individuals. (…) I decided that, when issues arise, I’d bring someone else in place rather than persist in lack of performance, but this has given way to speculation that the term ‘technocrat equals incompetent’,” Ciolos told the Adevarul Live webcast.


“There are ministers in his Cabinet I could recommend for next Gov’t”


Dacian Ciolos said that there are ministers in his technocrat Cabinet who have proved they understand very well the areas under their coordination, and whom he could recommend for the next government.

“There are people who have started off reforms in their areas, who have proved they understand very well the areas under their coordination, and whom I could recommend for the next government,” Ciolos told an Adevarul Live webcast on Tuesday.

He added that his recommendations will still need political support.

“They will certainly need support from political parties. (…) It is clear that, after the election, if a political government ensues, it will need political support, and I believe all members of the government will have to get support from the parties that will make up the next majority,” said Ciolos.


“Canada’s lifting visa requirements – Romania’s, not Gov’t success”


Premier Dacian Ciolos said on Tuesday that Canada’s lifting visa requirements for Romania is not the government’s, but Romania’s success and therefore he does not understand why leader of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea would be upset about this achievement PSD MEP Sorin Moisa has also contributed to.

Asked to comment on the Adevarul Live webcast the statements of the PSD chairman according to whom the government has no merit in the removal of Canada’s visa requirements because this was allegedly a negotiation at EU level, Ciolos replied: “It wasn’t a negotiation at EU level. It was a direct negotiation between the Romanian Government and the Government of Canada, we put pressure on the European Commission. (…) In summer, when I saw that the EC does not move fast enough (…) I went to Canada and took negotiations over.”

“I don’t understand why Mr Dragnea would be upset by this success, the more so as a PSD member, Mr MEP Sorin Moisa, was also very actively involved. He was the deputy rapporteur on behalf of the European Parliament’s Social-Democratic group for the adoption of this Free Trade Agreement with Canada, and he used this capacity to put pressure toward the adoption of this decision on visas. And we worked very well together. I’m not saying this is a success of the government, it’s a success for Romania, and I think that when we have such a success or manage to secure things that are natural but we need to battle for, there is no reason why we shouldn’t say it and it shouldn’t be seen as some succeeding against the others,” Ciolos also told the Adevarul Live webcast on Tuesday.




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