PMP’s Basescu posts criminal record certificate on line to dispel criminal allegations

National leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Traian Basescu on Tuesday said he posted his criminal record on his Facebook page to show “the lying propaganda” that he had not been criminally sentenced or indicted.

“Why have I posted my criminal record online? Anyway, I needed it for my application for Moldovan citizenship; I took it out today. And I took a look at Euractiv, which, lo and behold, has my name mentioned among criminally investigated persons (…) I am not criminally investigated (…) So, I am not a party in any criminal case. What does the criminal record say? It says two things: if you have been criminally sentenced – and I have no doubt here, as any Romanian can testify – and whether or not you have been indicted. I have posted the record precisely to show the lying propaganda that I have never been indicted,” Basescu told TVR1 public television broadcaster in response to why he had posted his criminal record certification on Facebook.

Asked whether or not such clarification was important, Basescu said, “It is very important to me, as to any other politician.”

He added that his voting in Moldova’s run-off presidential election was conditional upon him getting his Moldovan ID papers.

“That was conditional on my getting the ID papers before November 13. But, as far as I understand, the procedure would take three weeks to complete. So, I will very likely not be able to vote, although I would have wanted to. That does not mean that from now on I will not urge Moldova’s citizens in Romania to show up and vote at the nine polling stations that will open for them. It is vital that they vote for Maia Sandu if they want Moldova walking toward West,” said Basescu.

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