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January 27, 2022

SEISM 2016 simulation: 4,150 people injured, 1,537 dead, 2,750 homeless

An ongoing earthquake response drill called ”SEISM 2016” is testing a scenario that reads a major earthquake has left 4,150 people injured, 1,537 killed and 2,750 homeless in Bucharest City.

In a press statement released on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry (MAI) says the scenario also indicates 222 buildings have sustained serious damage, along with a hospital, four schools, two company offices, as well the natural gas transmission network between the Republica factory and the residential area.

In Iasi County, the second area for the drill, the scenario indicates 2,456 injured people, 900 killed and 800 homeless, as well as damaged infrastructure – 60 homes, structural damage to a dam and roadway damage at Targu Frumos. The hardest stricken area would be downtown Iasi City. The damaged buildings, according to specialists, were made uninhabitable.

The toll scenario also indicates 317 damaged buildings nationwide are no longer suitable for their intended purposes. A breakdown of the damaged structures by areas shows 222 are in Bucharest; 14 in Arges County; 5 in Bacau County; 7 in Buzau County; 60 in Iasi County; 5 in Tulcea County and 4 in Teleorman County.

In Bucharest, the drill included saving more than 125 from fallen debris and providing emergency care and qualified first aid to 4,030 people in tents and hospitals.

“There are 6,170 firefighters nationwide taking part in the drill, using 679 pieces of equipment. The Aviation Inspectorate General (IGAV) has provided four large helicopters and seven emergency rescue aircraft. The Romanian Gendarmerie has dispatched 1,000 gendarmes. The Romanian Police have provided 700 highway police officers securing road traffic fluency. Bucharest Police teams and teams of the Iasi County Police Inspectorate continue the identification of the dead people. Ambulance services and SMURD emergency rescue and extrication services are being provided by 35 type-C and 328 type-B ambulances by 89 doctors and 378 nurses and paramedical staff,” says MAI.

The Defence Ministry in its turn has pre-alerted all the military units in the Bucharest area, military engineering units as well as medical evacuation teams – nine helicopters and one Spartan aircraft. Also required and mobilised were 480 soldiers and 73 trucks and dump trucks in Bucharest City as well as 136 soldiers and 26 trucks, dump trucks and tractor trailers in Iasi City.

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