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May 18, 2021

Tariceanu: I’m decided to use my political influence in order to bring the initiative of revising the Constitution to an end

President of the Senate and of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu Tariceanu, supports the citizens’ initiative on the revision of the Constitution, but he doesn’t want the parliamentarian elections to be influenced by other issues, by organizing a referendum on amending the Fundamental Law.

“In terms of politics, as the President of the Senate, as well as the Co-President of ALDE, I totally support this citizens’ initiative and I am decided to use my entire political influence in order to bring this initiative to an end. (…) I don’t believe that it’s an achievable timeframe from this point of view (to organize a referendum in the same day with the parliamentary elections – e.n.), but, as you know, amending Constitution has to be approved by referendum. I believe there’s a too short period of time (…). I don’t think it’s good to use the occasion of the parliamentarian elections to promote others bills, too. In the past, attempts to couple parliamentary elections with other various ideas belonging to the former President Traian Basescu have existed, but I fought against them, and I have the same position now – I want parliamentary elections not to be influenced by other major issues, and vice versa”, sated Tariceanu on Tuesday at the Senate, according to Agerpres.

He also said that, considering that the initiative has been signed by around 3 million people with the right to vote, “we have the moral obligation to show them our respect for this citizen approach which has to become an part of our Constitution”.

“I strongly believe that the natural relationship is between a man and a woman, and I believe that in terms of marriage, there is a full coincidence between the Christian tradition and the natural law. In the same time, I am convinced that no one will be and has to be marginalized, discriminated or deprived of his rights and freedoms”, Tariceanu added.


Defining the family in the Constitution receives favourable report in Senate


The citizens’ initiative to modify the Constitution by inserting in it the definition of the traditional family as a union between a man and a woman received a favourable report from the Senate’s Judiciary Commission, with the members of the commission making controversial statements. The favourable report was adopted unanimously.

Meeting chairman Ovidiu Dontu stated that there are several European Council decisions that do not prevent the adoption of such a constitutional amendment proposal at national level. “Basically, the problem we are considering today is whether we are to raise to constitutional rank a juridical norm that today exists in Romanian legislation,” Ovidiu Dontu said, pointing out that the definition of the family as the union between a woman and a man is present in the Civil Code.

In his turn, Senator Sebastian Grapa stated that the Romanian state is a secular state and this constitutional amendment does not stem from a religious doctrine.

“I am talking to you as a citizen of this republic, father of three girls. There is a normalcy we are not allowed to stray away from. The biggest accomplishment that God left to man is to conceive and multiply. We all know how this multiplication is done. I don’t even want to think what it would mean for a legal authority to rule that a couple, however you want to call it, would be able to adopt children,” he said, adding that he was referring to a “homosexual or lesbian couple.”

PNL Senator Mariana Campeanu adopted a similar stance, pointing out that the opinion of three and a half million people who signed the legislative initiative cannot be ignored.

“Children raised in families with two fathers or two mothers grow up mentally scarred. We don’t have the right to decide for a child who cannot express a choice,” Mariana Campeanu argued.

The representatives of the ‘ACCEPT’ NGO reacted to the vote, criticising the idea of holding a referendum on this issue.

The citizens’ initiative will next be debated in the Senate’s plenary meeting.


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