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October 1, 2020

Basescu: Kovesi, Coldea, did you want to deter me or to teach me a lesson by not releasing Mircea?

Ex-President Traian Basescu stated on Wednesday that his brother, Mircea Basescu, has become one of the big exceptions of refusing to release someone on parole, telling Florian Coldea and Codruta Kovesi that they failed if this was their attempt to teach him a lesson.

“Kovesi and Coldea, uncork the champagne! You made it! Mircea Basescu remains in prison. As someone who is older than 60 years of age, my brother, the convict Mircea Basescu, was not released on parole after serving a third of his sentence. He has the right to be released. You thought he didn’t reform (I saw the furious and deceitful statements the DNA prosecutor made before the timorous judge),” ex-President Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.

He added that his brother “has become one of the big exceptions of refusing to release someone on parole.”

“Most people like him were thought to be reformed after serving one third of their sentences. You’ve kept him under pre-trial arrest for well over a year before sentencing but it wasn’t enough for you. That’s life,” Basescu added.

His message for Florian Coldea and Codruta Kovesi was that they are “fundamentally” mistaken if they believe this “softens” him. “Did you want to deter me or to teach me a lesson? What a mistake…,” Traian Basescu concluded.

The ex-President finished his posting with a post scriptum.

“I’ll never forget that Coldea, not Kovesi, was the one who informed me that my brother would be arrested,” Traian Basescu wrote.

On Wednesday, the Constanta Court admitted the appeal filed by the DNA against the Medgidia Court’s decision to release Mircea Basescu on parole. Consequently, Traian Basescu’s brother will remain in prison.

Sentenced in June this year to four years in prison, executory sentence, for influence peddling, Mircea Basescu had asked to be released on parole.

According to the law, he meets the conditions for early release – he is older than 60 years of age, hence he has to serve only a third of the sentence, and was under pre-trial or house arrest for 12 months.

On June 16, the Constanta Court of Appeals upheld the Court’s decision to sentence Mircea Basescu to four years in prison, executory sentence, for influence peddling in the case in which he was accused of receiving a bribe of 600,000 Euros from Sandu Anghel’s family. The Court of Appeals decision was final.


Traian and Maria Basescu take oath to become Moldovan citizens


On Thursday, former Romanian President Traian Basescu and his wife Maria Basescu will take the oath to become citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The citizenship requests were filed in 10 March 2016. Traian Basescu and his wife became Moldovan citizens in June, following a decree passed by Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti.

At the time, ex-President Traian Basescu expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating that obtaining the citizenship was something he publicly promised to do. “I had a commitment, I publicly promised I would ask for the Moldovan citizenship. Today I found out that President Timofti has signed the decree. I am content,” Traian Basescu said when asked whether he is happy to have obtained the Moldovan citizenship.

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