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April 12, 2021

PM Ciolos: I feel less closer to what PSD wants to do in terms of need for change

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos reasserted on Tuesday night that he doesn’t see himself a premier of a coalition between the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD), saying that he feels less closer to PSD than to PNL, which he has had the occasion to work for in the past.

“From where I stand, the set of principles and values underpinning the platform I have made public is not only to affirm certain principles, but to show that I, at least, wish to guide my actions and my decisions starting from those applied principles. (…) I said that surely there are people inside PSD one could work for, as in any other parties, yet I said that when it comes to what I have set out to do, to the need for change in Romania, to the need to undertake certain reforms I feel less closer to what the PSD intends to do, than what I saw, at least declaratively, at other parties. I had the occasion to work with PNL, I used to be a minister in a PNL government,” Ciolos told Antena 3 private broadcaster in an interview on Tuesday.

When asked if he could run a PNL-PSD government knowing about their precedent with USL – the Social Liberal Union, a centre-left and centre-right union fathered on 5 February 2011 by then PNL leader Crin Antonescu and then PSD leader Victor Ponta in opposition to then president Traian Basescu – Ciolos repeated that he cannot see not himself the Premier of such a government.


“I will meet Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Timisoara”


Romania’s Prime minister Dacian Ciolos said Tuesday that in the days ahead he will meet Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to discuss Serbia’s accession to the EU and Serbia’s treating the local Romanian minority.

“Romanians in the communities around Romania are in a special situation, and that is one of the main reasons for my deciding to meet the Serbian prime minister, whom I meet on Timisoara in the days ahead to discuss how Romania can help Serbia’s accession to the EU and how the country respects the rights of its Romanian minority. I know there are some worries over there and some expectations regarding support from the Romanian Government and the behaviour of the Serbian Government, and I intend to discuss these issues as well,” Ciolos told Radio Romania Actualitati public radio station on Tuesday evening.


“55,000 forestry inspections, August-October, lead to 1,000 criminal files”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Wednesday said that some 55,000 forestry inspections were conducted August-October, 2016 that led to the drawing up of 1,000 criminal files.

“This summer, we said we intended to take some measures to keep illegal logging in check, after having received several worrying signals over illegal logging. I asked the relevant ministers to put forth a set of measures that would contain such illegal forestry activities. (…) I asked the Interior Ministry and the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) to start off complex and coordinated inspections in the entire wood industry – from logging, up to and including trade – so as to check the legality of wood exploration and circulation. (…) Almost 55,000 inspections were conducted that led to 1,000 criminal filed being issued. More than 2,500 infractions were uncovered, most of which were violations of the Forestry Code, and about 60,000 fines were imposed.At the same time, some 50,000 cubic metres of wood were impounded,” Ciolos said at the beginning of a Government meeting on Wednesday.

He asked for the inspections to be continued in the period immediately ahead, because coordination so far between MAI and the Forestry Guard seems to bear fruit.

On the other hand, Ciolos called on the Environmental Ministry to urgently come up with clarifications, including legislative ones, to secure the provision of enough fire wood to the people.


Dacian Ciolos: I will take part in political party actions to explain the “Romania 100” Platform


Premier Dacian Ciolos announced on Tuesday evening that he will take part in certain actions organised by political parties, in order to explain the principles included in the “Romania 100” Platform.

“I will communicate them (the Platform’s principles – editor’s note) as much as possible. I’m already glad that after I launched them there are over 50,000 supporters, at least on the internet. Of course, one can say this is not much at national level. (…) I will discuss with the political parties too when I’m invited so as to be able to explain them, and that is how my involvement in certain actions organised by some political parties should be understood. It’s not political adhesion. It’s taking an opportunity to support and explain these points and I will go where I’m invited in order to clarify what I understand by those points,” the Premier said on Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA), Agerpres informs.

He pointed out that the principles listed in the Platform “are not new things.”

“Vis-à-vis the parties, I believe it’s important to see how we can translate those principles into governance actions, for the actions included in governing platforms to be based on these principles,” Dacian Ciolos added.


Ciolos revealed why his middle name is Julien: My mother was impressed by Julien Sorel, the character


Premier Dacian Ciolos stated on Radio Romania Actualitati on Tuesday evening that his middle name, Julien, was inspired from Stendhal’s “The Red and the Black.” His mother insisted on that being his first name while his father “was fixed on Dacian.”

“As my mother told me, after she gave birth and was discussing with my father what first name to pick for me, my father was fixed on Dacian. He had heard this first name and insisted on giving it to me. My mother proposed Julien because while pregnant she had spent more time at home and had read “The Red and the Black,” which features Julien Sorel. During that period, it was fairly difficult to get hold of a good book. She did, she read Stendhal’s “The Red and the Black” and she was impressed by the character Julien Sorel, so she picked Julien,” the Premier said, Mediafax informs.

He added that his mother actually insisted on Julien being his first name. “Since my father was the one who went to do the paperwork, he picked Dacian,” the Premier stated on RRA.


Victor Ponta: Julien ends up in jail


“Mr. Julien Ciolos has confessed he is very proud of his French name because it’s inspired from JULIEN SOREL – the protagonist of Stendhal’s “The Red and the Black”!

Since my mother told me (she did well) to read universal literature (and because I have a good memory), I checked whether what I recalled about the character Julien Sorel fits Julien Ciolos, and I noticed that it does, in fact to a tee!

Here is what Wikipedia tells us: “a young man’s attempts to surpass his social status through a combination of talent, labour, deceit and hypocrisy, only to end up betrayed by his own passion.”

Since the “beautiful and free” youngsters or PNL’s militants surely cannot find Stendhal’s novel on Facebook, nor can they read it on Hotnews, I’ll let them in on the ending – Julien ends up in jail (because back then in France they too had a kind of DNA just as “careful” with human rights!)

The parallel drawn by Mr. Julien Ciolos does not seem very inspired, but it could have been worse. What if his mother had read “Fratii Jderi” or – God forbid – “The Brothers Karamazov,” how would we have called our Premier who emerged from the flames of the Colectiv nightclub?!?” Ponta wrote on Facebook.



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