Gorghiu on co-opting PMP in future Government: We’d rather remain in Opposition than sign pact with the devil

National Liberal Party (PNL) President Alina Gorghiu stated that the Liberals would rather remain in the Opposition than invite the Popular Movement Party (PMP) to join a ruling coalition after the December 11th elections.

Alina Gorghiu stated that the Liberals are not considering PMP, the party led by Traian Basescu, as a member of a possible ruling coalition. “We won’t form any post-elections alliance with PMP. My colleagues would rather remain in the Opposition than sign a pact with the devil,” Alina Gorghiu stated, News.ro informs.

In fact, the PNL President believes PMP, just like ALDE, will not enter Parliament. Moreover, she reminded that PMP has formed most of its alliances within County Councils with PSD. PSD is another party whose presence in a ruling coalition alongside PNL was ruled out by Gorghiu.

Alina Gorghiu has blamed Traian Basescu’s party, ever since July, for deciding to collaborate with the Social Democrats in local administration. In reply, Basescu accused Gorghiu that the Liberals’ refusal to negotiate with PMP resulted in PNL losing the majority in several County Councils.


“I would pick a technocrat for the Justice Ministry, if PNL wins elections”


The PNL President also stated that for a portfolio such as the Justice Ministry her choice would be a technocrat, pointing out however that this choice may not match the Premier’s or the parliamentary majority’s choice.

“I’m not ruling out there being options for specialists in a future Government. Maybe the Justice Ministry, for example, will be one of those ministries at whose helm there will be specialists, not politicians, in the future Government. It’s just an example. (…) I would choose this for a ministry such as the Justice Ministry. It may not match the Premier’s or the parliamentary majority’s option but I for one would opt for a technocrat minister, a specialist in the judiciary domain,” Gorghiu stated on Wednesday at the end of PNL’s National Council meeting, Agerpres informs.

The Liberal leader pointed out however that these talks will take place provided PNL wins the December 11th elections and forms the parliamentary majority.

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