Oculus Ophthalmologic Center, for the fourth consecutive time at the biggest international congress of Ophthalmology in Italy

The Oculus Ophthalmologic Center, the first clinic of ocular microsurgery in Romania, represented by Dr. Ozana Moraru and Dr. Cristian Moraru, was among the guests of the largest international Congress of Ophthalmology of Italy, “Videocatarattarefrattiva”, the 2016 edition,  held between 28-30 October in Milan. Romania was represented by the elite team of Oculus to moderate the live surgery sessions and to present their own techniques of solving through surgery the ocular traumas and the traumatic cataract.

“We are glad that we had the honor to be present for the fourth consecutive time at Videocatarattarefrattiva, a congress of reference in the field of eye surgery, organized and led by a remarkable name of the domain, Prof. Lucio Buratto. Here, we had the opportunity to moderate the sessions of live surgery and share the scientific Romanian experience to the others in the field, but mostly we feel motivated to stay connected to the medical standards of the highest level practiced abroad which encourages us to implement them in Romania “, said Dr.Ozana Moraru, eye specialist and manager of the Oculus Clinic.

During the specialized symposium, being at its 35th edition, the Oculus surgeons participated both as moderators of the scientific sessions and of surgery in live regime and also, gave presentations of clinical surgical difficult cases in the side implants of artificial lens, on the eye with trauma history or other severe pathologies.

As usually, the Romanian presence was welcomed by a packed hall of over a thousand spectators and the interesting debates at the end of the presentations,  have confirmed once again the appreciation that the European colleagues have for the Oculus Ophthalmic Center team.

Also, Dr. Ozana Moraru, recognized as “Key Opinion Leader” European on the ocular surgery segment, was invited to present the work that takes into account the latest type of artificial lens, “EDOF – Enhanced Depth of Focus”, which allows the patient not to wear glasses after the cataract surgery, neither for reading  nor for distance. Alongside Dr. Ozana Moraru,  other specialists in the refractive surgery from several European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Holland, Switzerland have sustained their presentations.

The Surgeons of the Opthalmologic Center Oculus are the only Romanian ophthalmologists invited regularly by the organizations of European and international profile to present their experience at the highest reference entities in the world, both through theoretical conferences and through surgery sessions in live system, and this presence at the „Videocatarattarefrattiva Congress” has confirmed once again the professional expertise and the scientific contribution made permanent by the Romanian team.


About Oculus (


Founded in 1993, the Opthalmologic Center Oculus is the first clinic of microsurgical opthalmology in Romania and the largest private eye clinic in the country, both as staff, numbering 57 employees, and through the extent of the medical services (consultations and operations): 8 cabinets in which an average of 200-250 patients are consulted and treated daily, two rooms with surgical tables, where there are done about 550-650 surgical interventions per month. The clinic provides services covering almost the entire range of medical Opthalmologic specialties: the cataract surgery, the glaucoma surgery, refractive surgery, the retinal detachment surgery and laser treatments for vitro-retinal diseases.


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