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May 29, 2022

Romania to take up 5,500 foreign workers in 2017

Romania’s quota of new foreign workers to be taken up in 2017 would stay at 5,500, same as in 2016, according to a draft government decision posted on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Family Affairs, Social Protection and the Elderly.

Out of the total quota, 3,000 will be permanent workers, 700 seconded workers, 700 intra-group seconded workers, 500 highly-qualified workers, 400 seasonal workers, 100 internship workers and 100 cross-border workers.

The 2015 quota was the same in 2016, for 3,500 permanent workers, 200 internship workers, 200 seasonal workers, 100 cross-border workers, 800 highly-qualified workers and 700 seconded workers.

Labour Minister Dragos Pislaru said early this October that the Romanian Government was working on simplifying work visa requirements for foreign workers that can be competed under current government.

“There are certain things that we could do right now. First, simplifying visa requirements. It may take up to six months for a foreigner to come and work in Romania (…) There are instances of working under projects, when they come, work and leave. For instance an Indian employing a Vietnamese under an IT project… We have been working with the Foreign Ministry for three-four months on that. There is some progress, but not as fast as I would have liked it; at least us working on it is comforting. I know how it is – it does not sound highly determined – but this is what we have and I am hopeful we can complete it under the tenure of the incumbent government,” said Pislaru back then.

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