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May 18, 2022

A2 Expressway tragedy leaves 4 dead and 56 injured

The tragedy that took place on Saturday morning on the Bucharest-Constanta Expressway (A2 Expressway) and which left 4 people dead and 56 injured was caused by two cars colliding on the expressway’s second lane. A car driven slowly was hit from behind by another car, the result being a pileup in which 29 other cars were involved, show the preliminary results of the investigation.

The first lead considered by police, which tends to become the official explanation according to Romania TV, is that a Dacia Logan adapted for driving school was hit from behind by a Volkswagen Passat. The driver of the first car, a driving instructor who was driving to Braila, where he was supposed to attend a memorial service, claims he lowered the speed because visibility was down to just 20-30 metres. While he was driving on the second lane, he was violently hit by a Volkswagen Passat which apparently had a speed of 90 kilometres per hour.

The driving instructor managed to pull over after the collision, but the driver of the second car did not, was hit from behind and caused a pileup involving over 30 cars.

“I was the first car [in a column of cars]. Somebody hit me from behind. I was driving on the second lane. You can drive on both the first and second lanes. I wasn’t stationary. I lowered the speed because those panels told us to lower the speed. I did, I’m protecting my life. I didn’t have a student [on board]. I was driving to a memorial service in Braila,” the driving instructor said.

Investigative sources say the last car involved in the pile up had the speed clock frozen at 118 kilometres per hour.


Worst accident ever on A2 Expressway


Chief Police Commissioner George Grigore, Deputy Director of the Romanian Police’s Traffic Directorate, told Romania TV that this is the worst pileup accident since the A2 Expressway was inaugurated, leaving 4 people dead and 56 injured, some seriously.

Members of Traffic Police General Inspectorate’s Expressways and Special Missions Brigade stated on Saturday that preliminary investigations show that the pileup was caused by the drivers’ failure to adapt their speed to low-visibility driving conditions.

The A2 Expressway (Sun’s Expressway) was partially inaugurated in 2004, with two sections totalling 106 kilometres (Bucharest-Fundulea and Fundulea-Drajna Noua) being opened to traffic. At the end of June 2006, the expressway’s Drajna-Fetesti section was also opened, but only on two of its four lanes. The other two were finished the following year. The expressway was fully completed on 29 November 2012.


Sad record. Romania tops EU rankings with highest number of motor vehicle deaths


According to Eurostat, Romania tops the European rankings when it comes to the number of motor vehicle deaths.

Drivers are not the only ones to blame for this sombre statistic, jaywalking pedestrians having their share of the blame too. Law enforcement authorities claim that most traffic accidents are caused by drivers who fail to give priority to pedestrians or vehicles, but also by jaywalking.

According to Eurostat, the number of motor vehicle deaths in Romania stood at 95 per 1 million people last year, a far higher level than the European Union average of 51.5.

Thus, Romania is the country with the highest number of motor vehicle deaths.

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