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January 17, 2022

PNL organises Dacian Ciolos’s first large campaign rally in Revolution Square

The National Liberal Party (PNL) organised on Sunday, in Bucharest’s Revolution Square, the public rally for the launch of PNL’s candidates and party platform and for showing support for Dacian Ciolos as the party’s nominee for the Prime Minister’s office after the December 11th parliamentary elections.

“The weather is good for a public rally! Dacian Ciolos will take part today in his first large campaign rally, amid people. Be there at 5 p.m. to see those who, alongside Ciolos, can set Romania’s destiny right!” reads a message posted on the party’s Facebook page on Sunday morning.

PNL had announced the event on its official Facebook page on Saturday, pointing out that the party’s candidates and slogan were about to be launched at the event.

“If you support Dacian Ciolos to lead the Government after the December 11th elections too, come join us at the public rally organised to support Dacian Ciolos and to launch PNL’s candidates and governance platform. The National Liberal Party was and remains loyal to the principles that form the basis of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform and has a firm option for the office of Prime Minister of the Government formed after the elections: Dacian Ciolos. If you are among those who do not want, in any form, a criminally convicted person at the helm of the Government, if you don’t want to see the gang of PSD criminals taking over power again, come join us on Sunday, November 6, in Revolution Square, to jointly say: #goCiolos #goPNL,” reads the message posted on PNL’s Facebook page on Saturday.

Premier Dacian Ciolos took part in the Liberals’ rally after last Wednesday he attended PNL’s National Council meeting where his endorsement as the party’s nominee for the Premier’s office after the December 11 elections was unanimously adopted.

In what concerns his presence at PNL’s public rally on Sunday, Dacian Ciolos stated last Wednesday that the point is to convey the messages related to the platform and to explain what he included in it. “It’s a good way… not to electioneer, the electioneering starts on the 11th.”

The Premier had repeatedly stated he would not get involved in the elections campaign. “As I said, I don’t intend to get involved in the elections campaign, but I believe now is the time, before the campaign starts, to have this kind of [talks],” he stated on Wednesday.

“At least they [the Liberals – editor’s note] stated that they back such a candidacy. I’m here not so much to back myself but to back some things I proposed and in which I believe,” Ciolos added, referring to PNL’s decision to nominate him as candidate for the Premier’s office after the December 11th elections.

Sunday’s public rally was a novel event, featuring a presenter and speeches given by personalities from outside politics, supporters of PNL, personalities such as Tudor Giurgiu.

35,000 people announced their presence at the public rally, this being Revolution Square’s maximum capacity.

PNL’s public rally should have taken place in October. The Liberals announced back then that they were going to bring 50,000 people to Constitution Square. Because the Bucharest City Hall delayed the issuing of permits for that public rally, the Liberals cancelled the pre-campaign event and decided to organise a smaller public rally in Revolution Square.


Ionescu Quintus: More than three quarters of PNL’s leaders are almost unknown to me


PNL Honorary President Mircea Ionescu Quintus told the over 20,000 Liberals and sympathisers who attended the party’s public rally in Revolution Square on Sunday that more than three quarters of PNL’s leaders are “almost unknown” to him, a sign that the party has changed.

“Speaking to you is someone who dares say that he never in his life earned a cent except by working and deserving. We have a very good Prime Minister. Fair, honest, not involved in all kinds of mafias rearing their heads everywhere. We are in the midst of full-blown powerful change. More than three quarters of the members of the party’s central leadership are almost unknown to me – I have been living for three quarters of a century among them – so we’ve changed and we are changing and we hope to change for the better. Through our own strength!” the senior PNL leader said.

Historian Neagu Djuvara had a message of support for PNL and for Dacian Ciolos too. He claimed that the incumbent Premier “is at this moment Romania’s best Government member.”

The participants carried banners reading “Ciolos Prime Minister,” “Ciolos Premier 2015-2020,” “PNL Racari supports Julien,” “Go, Ciolo! Olt is with you,” “Iasi is with Ciolos,” PNL flags and EU flags.

PNL’s strategy was for the new, “unsullied” candidates to be most of those taking the stage. Thus, neurosurgeon Leon Danaila, Pavel Popescu – the young man who brought Norwegian doctors to Romania to treat Colectiv victims, Hildegard Brandl – Senate candidate in Bucharest, and film director Tudor Giurgiu were among those addressing the crowds.


Gorghiu: Ciolos is Romania’s current and future Premier


When she introduced Dacian Ciolos to the crowds, PNL President Alina Gorghiu emphasised, among other things: “I am glad the Premier has come amid us. He is the current and future Prime Minister of Romania. Great Romania came into being with a Liberal Premier at the helm, and it was reborn with Liberals at the helm after 1989 too, and today, close to 100 years since the Union, we have obligations toward each Romanian. Never before have we been so far away from PSD, so different. May God help us have a Liberal Premier at 100 years,” Gorghiu stated, announcing that her baby turned 6 months on Sunday and that the baby was there at its first Liberal rally.


Ciolos: Romania of the future can no longer be achieved with Messianic leaders


Premier Dacian Ciolos attended PNL’s public rally, being welcomed as the party’s veritable electoral powerhouse. The intro movie showed that the Liberals had providential leaders in history, leaders who did great things, some of the most important of them being Alexandru Ioan Cuza but also incumbent President Klaus Iohannis.

“I’m here firstly because you’ve decided to back the [Romania] 100 Platform. I want these principles to be more than just simple ideas, they must govern our life in the following years. The fact that we want to work honestly and to be paid accordingly. For democracy to be a value that changes Romania we need a change in politics. There are many things political parties have learned during these 25 years and let’s realise that many things should be forgotten. We must have the strength to admit that we are entering politics for change, not because we were pushed into doing so by special interest groups. We are entering politics in order to give back.”

“I believe another thing and I ask you to accept it: I believe Romania of the future can no longer be built with Messianic leaders. I believe Romania needs each of us accepting the change and I’ve asked some leaders to assume this change. I would like to ask you to think, once you go back home, in what way each of us can change, in order to subsequently ask the leaders to be more honest and frank when they have something to say, more honest. Change starts with ourselves. This change of attitude will surely translate into a change in our society too.”

“My conscience, which comes from the heart, is the only things that can dictate to me. And nobody can ask us to do anything else but what we feel. Now more than ever we need the involvement of each one of us, because the lack of involvement produces monsters,” Dacian Ciolos said.


 Gabriela Firea denounces Bucharest gridlock: I hope they apologise for the discomfort caused


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea denounced the gridlock that PNL caused on Sunday by organising a public rally which saw the launch of the party’s candidates, a rally that Premier Dacian Ciolos attended. Ciolos has already been voted as PNL and USR’s candidate for the future office of Prime Minister.

“The capital, gridlocked by the supporters of the Government of technocrats – the Zero Government – brought from all over the country. They DID NOT want to lower the price of pharmaceutical drugs, they DID NOT want to cut taxes, they DID NOT offer subsidies to farmers, they DID NOT tap EU grants; on the other hand, they offended Romanians by calling them LAZYBONES and ALMSMEN. The “DO NOT” Government took office for a few months, lied about doing its job, missed all the great projects and now no longer wants to leave power. I hope they apologise to Bucharesters for the discomfort caused,” the Bucharest Mayor wrote on her Facebook page.





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