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December 2, 2021

Liviu Dragnea accuses TVR and the public radio of obedience towards Iohannis: He called them to Cotroceni and told them “Be outraged”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea accused on Friday SRTV and SRR on Friday of obedience towards President Klaus Iohannis and of rejecting PSD proposal that would ensure them a budget which wouldn’t affect their political independence.

“In a tight collaboration with the Radio-TV leaderships, both very obedient, he called them to Cotroceni, I don’t know why, in fact it doesn’t matter, given that Klaus Iohannis is on the PNL’s electoral newspaper, throwing the Constitution in garbage, because that’s what he did (…), and told them ‘be a little bit outraged, so I will have a reason or a pretext to say why I want to return the law, because I don’t want more money to reach to the Romanian people’. (…) That’s a nonsense. The TVR budget is now fed with at least 30 percent of the state budget, and the Radio budget – which was the most revolutionary, this politically independent who was one hundred percent politically appointed, namely Mr. Miculescu – is 50 percent fed from the state budget”, stated Liviu Dranea, asked to comment the return to the Parliament of the law on the removal of 102 fees, including the radio-TV fee.

Liviu Dragnea stated that public radio and TV channels want to depend by the Government, as until now, and to be obedient to Iohannis, because otherwise they wouldn’t be against PSD’s proposal.

“They don’t want to have this (to have an ensured budget – e.n.). They want to be obedient to Klaus Iohannis. I wish them luck, and if Klaus Iohannis wants to return the law to Parliament, when we’ll see this, we’ll react”, he said.

In his opinion, SRTV and SRR have to explain if they want to live only from the fee.

“Because they say that any money coming from the state budget affects their independence. Can they function only with the money from the fee? No, and with this budget, TVR, by an extraordinary management, has a debt of EUR 150 million. And the Radio, a radio channel, is functioning with EUR 95 million”, Dragnea claimed.

He said that PSD proposal would provide the two institution with a budget that wouldn’t make them “to dance attendance on the Government” to request for additional funds.

“In terms of impact, it can be borne by the state budget. This is the only way to get rid of political independence (political dependence – e.n.). In this moment, since they don’t have enough income from the radio-TV fee, they have to go to the Government all the time. I know because I saw them every year dancing attendance on the Government, or on the Finance Ministry, or on the PM, to ask them to give some additional money from the Government, because they are very politically independent and they don’t want to have any connection to anybody”, the Social Democrat leader concluded.

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday that a public debate with the civil society and journalists will be organized, on the issue of the radio-TV fee. President said that he received numerous requests in the last days, not to promulgate the law on the removal of 102 fees, because by removing the radio-TV fee, both the public television and the public radio would be “politically conducted too easy”.

On Monday, the President met the heads of the public radio and television, respectively Ovidiu Miculescu and Irina Radu, in the circumstances in which Parliament has approved the PSD law on removing 102 non-fiscal fees, including the radio-TV fee.

He stated that a “coherent and responsible” proposal of removing the fees would have involved an amendment of the television and radio law in parallel, for not creating this legislative deadlock for the two institutions.




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