PNL is collecting signatures for Ciolos’s platform and is preparing a Black Book of the Bucharest administration

PNL Bucharest leader, Cristian Busoi (photo), stated on Friday that the members of the party are collecting signatures to support the Romania 100 platform, mentioning that if there are also other political forces who support Dacian Ciolos, they can join PNL in a future parliamentary majority.

“We are collecting signatures for Dacian Ciolos’s platform, Romania 100. (…) There are organizations who, either in the online environment, or even in Bucharest, in the tents we had installed, invited citizens to express their adhesion. We inform them about this platform and ask them to support it. I believe it’s a good thing to have an as large as possible number of people who know about this platform, and if they want, they can formally support it on internet, even if they are doing it only verbally, because it’s not a proper collecting. We are gathering support, better said”, stated Cristian Busoi.

He was asked if PM Dacian Ciolos’s participation to a USR event disadvantages PNL in terms of the association of the PM image to another party.

“No. We are not disadvantaged at all, he is present in the public space and to meetings of the forces to whom he is resonating and with whom he can create a partnership, since it’s obvious in this moment than there isn’t any party who will have 50 percent plus 1 in the future Parliament. We would like to be I this situation, but we will not be. We’re fighting for an as good as possible result, and we’re fighting for the best place. It’s obvious that a coalition has to be constructed in the future parliament, and if other political forces also adhere to this platform (Romania 100 – e.n.), if other political forces also support Dacian Ciolos, they can join PNL in a future parliamentary majority and they can join Dacian Ciolos, and we can build this thing, there’s absolutely nothing to bother us or to disadvantage us in an obvious manner”, answered the Liberal leader.


PNL is preparing a Black book of the Bucharest Administration performed by PSD


The President of the PNL Bucharest League of Local Elected People, the former MP Cristian Popescu, stated on Friday, in a press conference, that Liberals will prepare a Black Book of the first six months of PSD administration in Bucharest, a document that will be finalized at the end of this month.

“We will prepare the Black Book of the first PSD administration in Bucharest. Since June 5, Bucharest is led by seven PSD mayors. We have colleagues who are fighting in each one of the seven councils, trying and managing many times to block PSD’s attempts to break the law, to make abuses, to help the party colleagues for various things”, stated Cristian Popescu, the Vice Mayor of the 2nd District of Bucharest and the President of the PNL Bucharest League of Local Elected People.

He also said that the document will be finalized at the end of November.


PNL President Alina Gorghiu makes electoral “suggestions”: Students should have a day off and free transport on December 12, after elections


PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Friday at Timisoara, that state should grant a day off for students on December 12, one day after the parliamentary elections, as well as free transport in this period, according to Mediafax.

“December 12 will be on Monday, after the parliamentary elections, and I believe that Romanian state should grant a day off for students. It wouldn’t be for the first time in Romania or in other states. (…) I hope that all of us will make the necessary approaches to guarantee the right to vote to the people. I believe students are a category that deserves to be empowered in these elections”, stated Alina Gorghiu within a press conference organized by PNL Timis.

In the PNL leader’s opinion, students should enjoy free transport in that period.

“I believe this proposal that all the Romanian students should have the possibility to be present in the locality of their domicile, so that they will be able to express the right to vote, can be doubled by free transport in that period. It’s not an amount to affect the Romanian budget. I haven’t discuss this issue with the Government, but I am sure I will find the availability”, Alina Gorghiu stated.




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