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September 17, 2021

The assets of the candidates in Bucharest for the Chamber of Deputies

Debts and prizes from Voiculescu


The statements of assets of the candidates for a Deputy seat in Bucharest vary from lands of thousands of sq. m. and loans of hundreds of thousands of Euros granted, to cars bought for “necessity” reasons and empty accounts or huge loans granted by Dan Voiculescu, according to Mediafax.

One of the wealthiest candidates in the parliamentary elections of December 11 is Elena Udrea (photo), who entered the competition for a Deputy seat in Bucharest as an independent. She holds two urban lands in Bucharest, one of them with an area of 4,412 sq. m., and another one with an area of 5,001 sq. m. Udrea also holds a half of an urban land of 596 sq. m. in Bucharest and a quarter of a land of 607 sq. m. which is also located in Bucharest. All these lands are held by Elena Udrea after she divorced Dorin Cocos. The former Regional Development Minister also possesses four farmlands in the county of Calarasi, with a total area of 40 hectares. Not at last, in terms of real estates, Udrea holds a quarter of an estate of 365 sq. m. in Bucharest.

Also her income limited to RON 38,917 coming from the Deputy allowance and to RON 142,500 coming from rents, Elena Udrea has granted loans amounting RON 3.6 million and EUR 280,000 in her personal name.

At the opposite in terms of personal assets is placed the independent candidate Remus Cernea. He has nothing but debts of RON 108,120 and his Deputy allowance of RON 59,055.

An eccentric statement of assets was filled in by the elder daughter of Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Lidia. She opens the list of PRM candidates in Bucharest for the Chamber of Deputies and declared herself to be a journalist. Not only the name and the party are left to Lidia Vadim Tudor by her father, but the whole wealth: a survivor’s pension of RON 11,000, an urban land of 105 sq. m. and a house, both of them in Bucharest. She says that she also holds a Chrysler car since 2010, acquired by “necessity” and two accounts, one of them in Euro, and another one in RON, both of them being empty.

A candidate who has almost nothing on his name but debts, is the PRU leader Bogdan Diaconu. His wife, the former gymnast Maria Olaru, holds almost the entire wealth of the family: three lands in Timis, two of them outside the city (5,000 sq. m., respectively 4,900 sq. m.), an urban land (300 sq. m.) and a quarter of three lands in the county of Suceava: a urban one (250 sq. m.), a farmland (2,500 sq. m.) and a forest land (700 sq. m.). Maria Olaru also holds an apartment in Timisoara and two houses, one of them in the county of Timis and another one in the county of Suceava, while the son of the Diaconu-Olaru couple holds an apartment in Bucharest. Instead, Bogdan Diaconu has obtained a small income last year: he sold a Toyota Hilux van for EUR 9,300 and received an allowance of 84,688 from the Chamber of Deputies. He is outweighed by his wife also in this matter, since she received a life annuity of RON 81,322 as a former gymnast, and a child-raising allowance of RON 11,040.

ALDE Co-President Daniel Constantin, who opens the lists of the party in Bucharest for the Chamber of Deputies, has an interesting statement of assets. He bought an apartment on December 17, 2015, and sold it six days later with more than RON 1 million. The ALDE Co-President also received a donation of EUR 45,000 from Emilian Constantin, which money added to the income of RON 113,776 from the Agriculture Ministry and to the Deputy allowance of RON 7,610. Daniel Constantin is still indebted to Dan Voiculescu, his political mentor, who granted him a loan of EUR 295,000 in 2008.

Another candidate whose statement of assets is almost empty is the independent journalist Dan Tanasa, from Targu Mures, who entered into the competition for the Chamber of Deputies on the lists of the party Our Alliance (Alianta Noastra), led by Marian Munteanu. Tanasa’s only income of the last year was the prize “Press’ freedom for courage”, granted by the Voiculescu Family Foundation (Fundatia Familia Voiculescu), in value of RON 42,096. This prize and an account of RON 20,000 are the only assets of the independent journalist from Targu Mures, who wants to become a Deputy.

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