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December 1, 2022

IntMin Tudorache: Actual voting process not to be video surveilled, only the paper ballots counting

Interior Minister Dragos Tudorache pointed out on Tuesday that on parliamentary election day the actual voting process won’t be video surveilled, but only the period during which the paper ballots are counted.

“I want to underscore that there have been certain misunderstandings on the period that will be video recorded, to say this period, (…) I am pointing out that it only concerns the period when the votes are counted, therefore the actual voting process between the opening and the closing of the ballot boxes will not be video surveilled,” Tudorache said on Tuesday, in the opening of the meeting of the Central Technical Committee on the coordination of the organisation activities for the Senate and Deputies’ Chamber elections.

The Minister thanked the Special Technical Service (STS) representatives for the manner in which they technically prepared this surveillance measure and for having adapted “in a record time” the application on tablets allowing the video recording.

“I also want to thank the AEP [Permanent Electoral Authority] colleagues who worked with us for drawing up the procedures that are going to be implemented by the tablet operators, for this stage must be well implemented and not have differences in interpreting or implementing this measure between one polling station and another,” Dragos Tudorache said.

According to him, in respect to purchasing the stamps and the stickers the procedure is in the final stage.

Tudorache thanked the staff with the Foreign Affairs Ministry and those with the AEP for the manner in which they collaborated to complete the list of the polling stations abroad.

“It is important to make a check-up of the stage we are in for the preparation of the election conduct. Precisely because we are in the beginning of the election campaign, I want to reiterate the message which I have sent several times both to the colleagues here, of the Interior Ministry central structures and to the prefect colleagues in respect to political neutrality, equidistance in the election period. It is very important to us, to all the professionals working in this ministry, to show that we are not involved in any other way than in preparing this election process as well as possible,” the Minister also said before the beginning of a video-conference with the prefects of all counties, to see if there are any problems in implementing the measures on a county level.

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