PDS’s Dragnea: Romania doesn’t need messianic leaders

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening that Romania “doesn’t need messianic leaders”, but a concrete governance program, which will lead to economic growth.

“If we were to win the elections, the PSD will propose a prime minister who will create a Government with a good support, a powerful support in Parliament, and which will apply the governance programme which we worked on (…). We have established from the beginning that we don’t talk about persons, because it has been discussed too much about this topic. I have also seen tonight in Mr. Ciolos a slight plagiarism, but I don’t mind – after what I have stated on Tuesday on television, namely that Romania doesn’t need any more or doesn’t need messianic leaders, Romania needs a coherent programme, based on numbers, which will generate an economic growth, a development of the middle class of Romania,” Dragnea stated on Realitatea TV private television station.

The PSD Chairman added that the previous options of the “messianic leaders” led to “disastrous” results for Romania.

“I don’t believe in messianic leaders because it has been proved in Romania’s history, at least from the Revolution onwards, that, when elections were manipulated in the attempt of creating a project of a messianic leader, the result was disastrous for Romania,” Dragnea added.

Liviu Dragnea mentioned that in regards to forming the future Government, the PSD wants to form a majority in Parliament, alongside the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), without the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR).


“ Romania’s strategic partnerships will be observed”


PSD national leader said that Romania’s strategic partnerships will be observed, and the embassies in Bucharest “have no reason to fear that a government headed by the PSD could change Romania’s direction.”

“”Since I was elected PSD chairman and until today and as long as I will head the party, I have always had a very clear position in this area: Romania’s strategic partnerships with the US, France, Poland, other states, will not only be observed, but will have to gain more substance, economic included. From the point of view of our geostrategic position, from the point of view of the fact that we are almost an island of stability in this very tormented area, the political, economic stability, the security, the economic growth, prosperity and democracy, observing the rule of law in Romania are fundamental. My and PSD’s position is very clear. There is no kind of hesitation. (…) There is no reason, absolutely none, I believe the embassies have no reason either to fear that a Government headed by the PSD could change Romania’s direction. Absolutely not,” Liviu Dragnea told Realitatea TV private television broadcaster.

He showed that a proof of those stated is the fact that foreign investments in the Ponta Government period increased and the anti-missile shield was completed under the same government.

In respect to a possible proposal of the PSD for the prime minister office, Liviu Dragnea underscored that this will be formulated only after the result of the parliamentary elections is known


“I hope to find next year enough wisdom for the regionalization project”


Liviu Dragnea also  stated on Sunday evening that the regionalization project exists and that he hopes to find next year “enough wisdom” among the political class in order to adopt it.

The Social Democrat leader explained that the project was delayed because there would had been the risk that the Constitution amendment referendum be invalidated.

“The project was ready, we only had to announce how many regions will be and where will be the region residences – and those were decided too, but we didn’t want to announce it before we saw the Constitution ratified. In parallel in 2013 the referendum law was adopted, through which the 50 percent plus one quorum dropped to 30 percent. That law was challenged with the Constitutional Court. The person who was raging against the law was Traian Basescu, who was the president in office. The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) adopted a resolution which stipulated that the law is constitutional, but the oddness of it – strange for me maybe – is that the law is constitutional, but only after a year, when Traian Basescu completed his tenure as president. Not having a vote of 30 percent (…), we reached this situation in which we had to carry out a referendum knowing that we won’t have a quorum and that it won’t get validated. Not being able to amend the Constitution, where we had to introduce the term of regions, this project couldn’t be promoted further,” Dragnea stated.

Liviu Dragnea mentioned that he didn’t quit this project.

“The project exists, I hope we find enough wisdom next year. (…) The legislation was completed, the calendar was very clear, we were to enter with this law in 2014, namely in spring. This is the explanation. My project still stands,” Dragnea added.

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