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August 12, 2022

PM Ciolos attends debate held by the Save Romania Union (USR): Romania can play a more active part in EU if it knows how to capitalise on resources

Romania can play a more active part in the European Union if it knows how to capitalise on its resources, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told a debate on Wednesday held by the Save Romania Union (USR).

“Romania is one of the member states with an economic growth potential in perspective. I do not mean here the level of economic growth, but the fact that in the years ahead we could project consistent economic growth is drawing attention, is drawing the attention of investors as well as of the economic environment overall,” said Ciolos.

He added that the fact that Romania chooses to be a more active partner is a first step, given that for long it positioned itself as a passive player.

“Institutionally speaking, I think Romania is well placed geographically and relationally to play a more active part. In my capacity as the prime minister, that is how I have approached things this year in relation with our EU neighbours and with the two member states that still play the part of European engines – France and Germany. At the same time, I believe we need an approach similar to Italy and Spain’s – both countries with sizeable Romanian communities – some of which start having an influence, at least at the local level for the time being. I believe this way we can position ourselves as an active and proactive player, especially in the European decision-making process and the developments of European organisations,” said Ciolos.


A host of issues surfaced this year that should have been duly sorted out


Premier Dacian Ciolos also  told a debate organized by the Save Romania Union that right from the start of his term in office he had encountered a host of issues that should have been sorted out in due time, which had been “handled sloppily or just swept under the carpet.”

“I’d like this year of government not to have been in vain, also in terms of the gained experience – of course to the extent possible in one year. I assure you that it has been a very intense year also because of the context, since this was an electoral year, but especially because of the high expectations projected on this government throughout this period. Beyond these expectations, a host of issues surfaced this year that should have been done in due time, in the past years, which had not been done at all, which had been handled sloppily or simply swept under the carpet; they now surfaced with all the good and less good aspects and we had to step in, many times as a matter of urgency, so that all these issues we had to deal with on the run added to what we had planned at the beginning of our term in office. We were more or less surprised by everything that surfaced, saying that this allowed us to accumulate a certain experience would be an overstatement, but anyway it allowed us to build a certain vision of what administration means in Romania, what happens in various sectors and what needs to be done,” said Ciolos.

He added that he would have wanted the experience gained during this term to be used in government projects for the next period.

“At the beginning of my term in office I said that one year is too short to come up with profound reforms and for carrying through deep reform, but one year is also too long to see only to current governing and therefore we had to combine these two things. My desire, beyond any personal project, would be for the experience gained with these wonderful people who each did the most possible while on the ruling lineup to be used, to be capitalized upon in government projects for the next period,” said the Premier.

In his view, in order to be rendered credible, Romania’s still young democracy needs political parties deeply rooted in values such as “common sense, honesty, professionalism.”

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