ICCJ: Victor Ponta escapes definitively from judicial control in the “Tony Blair” file

Judges of the High Court of Cassatin and Justice (ICCJ) decided on Tuesday evening to remove judicial control ordered against Victor Ponta in the “Tony Blair” file. The decision is final.

“It approves the contestation submitted by Victor Ponta, it abolishes the attacked ordinance and revokes the judicial control measure ordered by the ordinance dated September 6, 2016”, states the decision of the judges of the High Court.

On Tuesday, Victor Ponta presented himself to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, where the contestation submitted by the former PM on November 4, on the judicial control was discussed; the contestation was prolonged by the prosecutors last week, with 60 more days, in the file in which he is prosecuted along with Sebastian Ghita, for alleged offenses related to Tony Blair’s visit in Romania, in 2012. At the entrance in the ICCJ building, Victor Ponta said he’s not going to make any statement.

DNA Ploiesti prosecutors placed Victor Ponta under judicial control on September 6, which measure was going to expire on November 4, but it was prolonged by investigators with 60 more days, in the file in which he is accused of using his influence or authority in order to obtain for himself or for another person money, goods or other undue benefits and of complicity in money laundering.

Within the judicial control measure, Victor Ponta had several obligations and interdictions. Prosecutors have maintained the decision of September 10 issued by the judges of the Supreme Court, which changed some of the circumstances of the judicial control, namely the removal of the interdictions to leave the country and to make public statements about his file.

On October 12, DNA Ploiesti prosecutors placed one of the Victor Ponta’s estates under seizure.

Sebastian Ghita was also placed under judicial control, but the Supreme Court cancelled the preventive measure on September 13. Later, DNA Ploiesti prosecutors have placed Sebastian Ghita’s assets under seizure up to the amount of EUR 220,000.

Victor Ponta is prosecuted by DNA Ploiesti prosecutors in a new file, in which he is accused of using his influence or authority in order to obtain for himself or for other person money, goods or other undue benefits, as well as of complicity in money laundering.

DNA prosecutors accuse Victor Ponta of benefitting in 2012 of an amount of money (EUR 220,000) from a businessman (Sebastian Ghita) to include the latter on an eligible place on the electoral lists. These money would have been used for organizing the visit in Romania of an important political leader from abroad (Tony Blair). Later, Sebastian Ghita was included on the PSD electoral lists and was elected to be a Prahova Deputy.

Prosecutors accuse that receiving money to nominate people on the electoral lists is an undue benefit for Victor Ponta, the one who had the power to decide on the electoral lists from the position of a President of a party.

Victor Ponta is accused of using his influence and of complicity in money laundering.

The punishment for using influence is imprisonment from 1 to 5 years.



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