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August 5, 2021

Companies’ National Ranking Gala, the most important business event of the year, confers awards to most efficient companies

The Companies’ National Ranking Gala, the most important business event of the year, took place on Thursday evening, at Romexpo, in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis, Premier Dacian Ciolos and of a significant number of business representatives.

A barometer of business efficiency, the event organised by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the most efficient companies in 6 sectors: industry, services, trade and tourism, research-development and high-tech, agriculture, forestry and fishing and constructions.

The rankings were compiled based on a complex standard methodology stipulated by law and implemented by each Chamber at county level. The rankings analyse indicators such as net turnover, operating profit, operating profit margin, efficiency in using human resources and efficiency in using capital.

Over 12,000 companies were part of the top 10 ranks at national level, companies active in various sectors of activity: over 4,300 of them in industry, almost 3,400 in services, around 2,800 in trade and tourism, 460 in research-development and high-tech, 610 in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 580 in constructions.

4,812 companies, with a combined turnover of 102 billion Euros, held the top 3 ranks, 1,868 of them topping the rankings. They will be included in the printed catalogue. The online catalogue will include all 12,230 companies present on the top 10 ranks.

Starting this year, 4-digit groups of activity are considered, allowing the compiling of more specialised rankings. In contrast to 272 activity groups analysed before, 615 4-digit CAEN (Classification of Economic Activities) groups are analysed starting this year.


PM Ciolos: Economic growth doesn’t entitle us to increase spending the next day


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Thursday said that the good figures showing economic growth mustn’t lead immediately to an increase in spending, and a responsible Government must ensure predictability for the private sector.

“Romania’s economy evolves well over the past few years if we look at the figures (…). The questions a responsible Government must ask and find an answer to would be in the first place how to ensure the necessary predictability for the private sector to continue investments in development and for this trend to continue. Because I don’t believe it is the case to brag about figures from one year to another if we don’t see these figures involved in a positive evolution. (…) I don’t believe that the fact that we have this good economic growth figure on paper entitles us to increase spending the next day, especially to increase expenses that don’t necessarily lead to a consolidation of this economic growth,” Ciolos said at the 2016 National Ranking of Companies gala.

The PM insisted on the need for predictability for the business environment, but also on reducing bureaucracy.

“Another elements required by the business environment and not only, even by the Romanian citizens, is the reduction in bureaucracy so that the enforcement of the normative acts or fiscal policies in the case of the business environment shouldn’t impose useless administrative burdens. In this area, too, we have made some important steps, not many, just a few, because I assure you that we still have a lot to smooth in this area. The administration in Romania has been very productive over these past few years in generating bureaucracy, therefore this process must be continued of a structured manner in order not to do more evil than good cutting down fees with an ax or scythe. You know how it is, when you scythe, you cut hay and weeds, but you can also cut useful things as well. Therefore, even debureaucratisation must be done of a structured and well-thought manner, planned on an average term,” the Prime Minister also said.


Iohannis: Honest interest in Romania’s sound development should be yardstick for any electoral majority


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said that honest interest in Romania’s sound development should be a yardstick for political action of any electoral majority, adding that the Romanian Government can wisely bet on the development of domestic capital while at the same time attracting as much foreign direct investment as possible.

“Honest interest in Romania’s sound development should be a yardstick for political action of any electoral majority. We currently find ourselves in a somehow paradoxical situation. On the one hand, business people have become skeptical over politicians, and I would add deservedly so. On the other hand, economic performance requires trust in governmental policies. We all have a duty to rebuild this connection based on trust, transparency and honesty between politics, business, the government and the economy,” Iohannis said in a speech delivered to a National Company Ranking gala.

He pointed to the importance of reforms being continued in the real economy, showing that in the period immediately ahead, Romania should follow two major objectives: on the one hand, infrastructure upgrading and expansion, while on the other improving the business milieu and reducing tax evasion.

“I can assure Romanians that I will discuss these actual objectives when I designate the next prime minister of Romania,” added Iohannis.

He said companies running on Romanian capital and foreign capital can consolidate reciprocally.

“We can wisely bet on the development of the domestic capital, while at the same time attracting as much foreign direct investment as possible. Local companies and foreign capital can consolidate reciprocally and together generate high performance and prosperity,” said Iohannis.

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