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October 5, 2022

Senate Chairman Tariceanu: PNL is Iohannis’ puppet party

The Co-President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu Tariceanu, criticized the statements made by the PNL leaders, according to which they will seize the Court against the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Florin Iordache, for the voting on Monday related to the salary increases, saying that Liberals are “fierce” against Romanians and they use undemocratic means.

“Even so, I am telling you I don’t remember to have seen so much fierceness from a party, a am referring to PNL, after 1989 against some positive legislative measures for the whole Romanian society regarding salary increases in education and health and the tax reduction by eliminating some of the taxes. The electoral promises made by PNL include also those promises related to the improvement of the conditions in education and health, but now, when President Iohannis’ puppet-party had the chance to prove the right extent of its honesty, we see everything’s a lie. If they really agreed the improvement of the conditions in education and health, they would have been present and they’d have been voting the law. But it wasn’t like this, they were absent and they boycotted the voting in the Chamber of Deputies, and after that PNL seized the Constitutional Court claiming the lack of quorum for the voting”, Tariceanu wrote on Facebook.

Used to the undemocratic means, when they try to impose the point of view of the minority in front of the legitimate majority, PNL leaders call prosecutors into Parliament: “We, the PNL parliamentary group, will seize the Court to check if the quorum was reached or not”, recalls Tariceanu about the statement of the Liberal group’s leader.

“No one contests PNL leaders’ right to seize the Court, as it is provided by the Art.51 of the Constitution, but we are legitimate to ask ourselves: if there are money from the state budget, why PNL fights, by all means that are allowed and not allowed, against salary increases, and who is behind this fierceness against some of the Romanian people? Is President Iohannis upset because his popularity has dramatically decreased, like never happened to a post-December President, so he wants revenge somehow? We referred to President Iohannis because we cannot suspect PNL leaders to have any initiative without the consent of the “de facto” PNL leader, and because Mr. President let us understand that he will not promulgate the law on salary increases in education and health. The law providing the abolition of 102 fees also wasn’t agreed by Mr. President, therefore by the PNL leaders”, Tariceanu added.

“I wonder what’s the opinion of the No.1 PNL candidate to the Senate in Bucharest, academician Danaila, doctor Danaila, a man of great worth and honesty, when he sees his colleagues doing everything they can against their fellows, against people working in the health field?”, wonders the President of the Senate.

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