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August 1, 2021

More than 170 women are running for a parliamentary seat in Bucharest

More than 170 women are on the lists of candidates for the parliamentary elections of December in the colleges in Bucharest.

Although many of them are on illegible places, the parties offered some of the ladies even the first place on the list.

PNL opens the list for the Chamber of Deputies with Adriana Saftoiu, while the first Social Democrat candidate for the Senate is Ecaterina Andronescu. A similar situation is found in the Great Romania Party (Partidul Romania Mare), who decided to place Lidia Vadim Tudor on the top of the list of candidates for the Chamber of Deputies.

UDMR is the party with the largest number of women on the lists for Bucharest – 27. Next is PSD, with 22 ladies running, followed by Our Romania Alliance – 20, USR and PRM, each of them with 19 women on the list, PNL – 17, PRU and ALDE – each of them with 15 ladies running, PMP – 10 and PSR – 6. The last mentioned party entered in the electoral race for Bucharest with only 12 candidates, which makes the percent of women included on the PSR list to be 50%.

The only political party entered in the race for Bucharest without any woman on the lists is the Romanian Ecologist Party, which has only four candidates in Bucharest – two of them for the Chamber of Deputies and other two candidates for the Senate.

The most frequent professions of the women that are running in the elections are those of engineer, economist and legal adviser, but there are also professions like teacher, institutor, accountant, doctor, and even student.

A half of the ladies that are running from PMP are engineers, while the profession of legal advisor is the most frequent inside PNL and PSD for the ladies running in elections from these parties.

UDMR has very many teachers, primary teachers, institutors on its lists. On the other hand, on the PRU lists, many women are economists or accountants, but there’s also a lady who is a cashier operator.

ALDE has offered the opportunity to run for a parliamentary seat in Bucharest to two women who are specialists in security, as well as to a lady who is a theologian. A woman who is a scenographer and anther one being journalist were included on the USR lists. Besides, a lady who is journalist was also included among the women running from PRM in Bucharest, along with a commercial worker, a translator and a nurse.

Out of the six independent candidates running for a Deputy seat in Bucharest, only one is a woman: the former Minister Elena Udrea.

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