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January 18, 2022

Firea: I do not intend to be PM after elections or to run for Presidency in 2019

Bucharest General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, stated that she doesn’t intend to be a PM after parliamentary elections in December or to run for Presidency in 2019, because she wishes to bring her mayor mandate to an end.

“I am not targeting this position (Prime-Minister – e.n.) in any way. I wish to bring to an end my mandate as a mayor. As you could see, there are many difficult things to be done in Bucharest. PSD didn’t wish to present the proposal or the proposals of candidates for the Prime-Minister position on purpose. We have decided that we must respect people’s vote, to respect a chronology. This means to go into Parliament and to calculate who has the majority. Why should we come with a person who will be chopped even after the elections?” stated Gabriela Firea, asked if she would wish to be a PM after the parliamentary elections.

Asked if she intends to run for the Presidency in 2019, Firea gave a negative answer.

“The answer is that I am not interested to run for Presidency in 2019 because I wish to bring to an end my mandate as a mayor. Let’s be healthy and free and God help us!” added Firea, according to News.ro.

Regarding PNL proposal for the PM position after the parliamentary elections, Firea said that one year ago, when he asked for the PSD parliamentarians’ vote for his investiture, Dacian Ciolos stated that he will not stay at the Victoria Palace after the parliamentary elections of this year.

“I am reproaching him that he lied to us last year when he came also to the PSD headquarter in front of Mr. President Dragnea, when I was also there, together with the Secretary General Neacsu, as well as in our Executive Committee, in front of all the presidents of the county organizations in the country and in front of the National Permanent Bureau, saying under his word that he will not stay at the Victoria Palace after the elections, that he is asking us to give him our vote for a short mandate in order to manage the country and to prepare the free elections in Romania, but that he will not tilt the balance to PSD, PNL USR, to anybody, that he will not be involved in any way in politics, either in the good sense or in the bad one”, Firea also stated at DCNews.


The relationship with some of the technocrat Ministers was quite tense


Bucharest General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, also stated on Friday for DCNews that the relationship with some of the Ministers of the technocrat Government was quite tense.

“The relationship with some of the Ministers was quite tense, because the electoral campaign was coming and they thought the relationship with the Bucharest Municipality in a political way. There were some extremely warlike Ministers even in terms of public reactions, even in the statements posted on Facebook, as well as in their direct relationship with us. I would like to mention even a tense relationship with the Environment Minister, Mrs. Palmer”, Gabriela Firea stated, according to Agerpres.

General Mayor said that she was surprised by the Minister’s public reaction, who “circulated so much a press release and a statement” when she said that “Mrs. Firea lost her temper”.

“Many things happened at RADET, we were negotiating exactly in that period of time, we were discussing about the meeting, but she didn’t want at all to come to the City Hall, as other Ministers did, (…) she asked me very insistently to come to the Ministry. There wasn’t any problem related to this issue. I even proposed her to go to a neutral ground, to another place, if she wants us to unblock the situation. I don’t trip over this incident. But I was surprised about the public reaction, because a Minister whom I considered to be more sober (…) circulated so much a press release and a statement, saying that ‘Mrs. Firea lost her temper’ and making all kind of inappropriate comments, but I overcame this incident and later I communicated with the Secretary of State, with managers, managing to do our job”, related Firea.

She also claimed that the Culture Minister, Corina Suteu, criticizes her all the time for “imaginary things”.

“The last feat was to accuse me that the Literature Museum doesn’t have a headquarter and that Mrs. Mayor doesn’t want to give it a headquarter, and she had a reaction right from the manager of the museum, who said to her: ‘Mrs. Minister, we do have a headquarter from the Municipality, and the Municipality also gave us money to renovate it”, Firea stated.





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