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May 18, 2021

Traian Basescu: Klaus Iohannis will have to choose between me and a monkey for the PM position

Traian Basescu stated on Saturday at Arad, that he is the best option for the PM. He criticized the current PM, Dacian Ciolos, about he said that he doesn’t assume the entry in politics, although he appears on banners, according to Mediafax.

“There will be one more test, this time for Mr. Iohannis, if he wants to have the best PM or he wants a monkey. Because it’s hard for me to understand the behavior of a person who wants to be a PM, saying that he is not politically involved, but who appears on all the banners, goes to all the PNL meetings; it gives me a feeling of cowardice, of lack of courage to assume something, which for a person like me, who was a ship commander and strengthened in this position, not assuming what you are or what you do is an inconceivable thing. However, Iohannis will have to choose between a very well knower of the Romanian state, a very good PM, namely me, and a PM who doesn’t assume the entry in a political battle, who wants to be served in bed with the nominating decree for the establishment of the Government”, stated Traian Basescu.

Traian Basescu also said that President Klaus Iohannis will have to pass a test after the elections of December 11.

“What a test Iohannis will have to pass… to see if he is better than me. Why? In 2012, I refused him for the PM position in his quality of a PM from Grivco, telling him that I trusted more in my judgement to keep Emil Boc as the PM; now, he will have to admit that I am better than him and name me as the PM”, Traian Basescu added.

The former Romanian President Traian Basescu also stated that “PNL still has a bead of credibility, because Vasile Blaga went there and overturned the bucket with PDL members”.

“It’s very hard to make any difference between PSD and PNL; I take a few cues: they were together at the first suspension of the Romanian President in 2007, they made an alliance for the presidential elections in 2009, when Liberals supported Geoana, they were together at the second suspension in 2012. You can’t really choose between them as partners, both of them are stinking of lies, pharisaism, of perversity in politics, but we cannot definitely see us along with PSD, which means that I am personally excluding a participation to the government in an alliance with PSD. Besides that stink of lies which comes from all the PNL politicians, PNL still has a bead of credibility, because Vasile Blaga went there and overturned the bucket with PDL members, I’d rather look for them among the PNL members”.

Traian Basescu has attended on Saturday, at ExpoArad, to the launching of the candidates of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) to the parliamentary elections, an event gathering a few hundreds of people.


The PMP leader, about alliance: PSD is excluded, PNL is not the solution either, but it doesn’t smell so bad


Asked about the alliances that PMP would make after elections, Basescu said on Friday at Timisoara, where he attended to the launching of the PMP candidates to the parliamentary elections, that he excludes any alliance with PSD, while PNL is not “a better solution, but at least it doesn’t smell so bad”.

Traian Basescu also stated on Friday at Timisoara, that if PMP will reach the government, he will ask the PM position.

“In the case we will reach the government, one of the requirements being subject of discussions will be that PMP will provide the PM of the Government. Also, the Government’s structure will have to mandatorily have the Ministry of the Reunification in order to create the tool which will allow the country objective to be achieved. PMP has the extraordinary opportunity to reprove itself to be something different from PNL and PSD. The two parties are responsible for everything it was antidemocratic since the Revolution until today. They made together the suspension in 2007, they made together the suspension in 2012. They temporarily put the most odious monkey at Cotroceni, Crin Antonescu. They managed to turn Justice into a workhorse in an unjustifiable manner”, Traian Basescu stated.

Asked by a person in the room which alliances will not be made by PMP, Traian Basescu answered: “We don’t have convenient solutions, but we exclude any alliance with PSD. PNL isn’t a better solution, but at least it doesn’t smell so bad”.

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