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October 1, 2020

The occupations of the candidates in the parliamentary elections: engineers, legal advisers, economists, as well as drivers, housekeepers or electricians

Teacher, engineer, legal adviser, economist, doctor – these are the occupations of the most of the candidates running in the elections of December 11 who entered in the electoral race to represent people in Bucharest in the next Parliament, shows Agerpres in a synthesis. But we can also find drivers, housekeepers or tailors on the lists.

There are also candidates who are lawyers, architects, journalists, sociologists, psychologists, theologians, owners of a bachelor’s degree in political and administrative sciences, as well as drivers, housekeepers, tailors, actors of lyrical artists. On the lists with candidates submitted to the Bucharest Electoral Bureau, there are also included pensioners and students, while some of the candidates are current Deputies or Senators.

PNL lists are opened by a teacher with the occupation of a political consultant – Adriana Saftoiu and by a neurosurgeon, Leon Danaila. Most of the Liberal candidates are economists, legal advisers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers as well as sociologists, political analysts or students.

The first candidates on the ALDE lists for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies are an engineer who currently is a Deputy – Daniel Constantin, respectively also an engineer who is the President of the Senate, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu. The engineer profession dominates among the ALDE candidates, but many of them are economists, legal advisers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, while one of the candidates is a theologian.

On the top of the UDMR lists for the Chamber of Deputies is an engineer – Birtalan Jozsef, who is the President of the National Agency for Civil Servants, while the list for the Senate is open by a legal adviser having the occupation of a manager – Budai Richard-Tiberius. An archeologist, a team leader, a computer operator, a sport manager, a driver, a chemical engineer whose occupation is that one of a waiter, are also candidates from UDMR. One of the candidates is a choreographer and has the occupation of a driving instructor, another one is a locksmith whose occupation is that one of a printer-installer, a woman who candidates is a typist currently being a housekeeper, while another woman is a housewife and a pensioner.

Several PSD candidates are currently parliamentarians. Engineer Gabriel Petrea, who is a Deputy General Manager, opens the list for the Chamber of Deputies; University professor Ecaterina Andronescu is the first one on the list for the Senate. Among the Social Democrat candidates – who have various professions, from doctors and legal advisers, to economists, engineers and teachers – there is a Secretary of State and a lyrical artist.

PMP candidates placed on the first places for the Chamber of Deputies are the engineer Valeriu Steriu and the historian Eugen Tomac, currently being Deputies, while on the top of the list for the Senate is the former President Traian Basescu, who has the profession of a navy officer, being the President of the party. The other candidates are engineers, lawyers, legal advisers, economists, teachers, students, as well as a journalist.

The lists of the Romanian Ecologist Party (PER) are open by two current Senators, the economist Cristian Bodea, respectively the biologist Dumitru Pelican. PER has only one more candidate for the Chamber of Deputies and another candidate for the Senate.

From PRM, journalist Lidia Vadim-Tudor is on the first place on the list for the Chamber of Deputies, while the first place for the Senate is taken by the math teacher Adrian Popescu. Other PRM candidates are a pastor, a retired long-haul captain, two drivers, a RATB cashier, an unemployed engineer and a security agent.

The Romanian Socialist Party (PSR) has registered 6 candidates for the Chamber of Deputies and 6 for the Senate; the lists are open by the neurosurgeon Constantin-Titian Filip, respectively by the MAI officer and company manager Petrica Dima.

The candidates from the Save Romania Union (USR) for the Chamber for Deputies are the mathematician and researcher Nicusor Dan, on the top of the list, followed by Cristian Ghinea, owner of a bachelor’s degree in political sciences. The philologist Vlad Alexandrescu, a University professor, is on the first place for the Senate.

Our Alliance Romania (ANR) has a University professor – Mircea Cosea, respectively a professor and scientific researcher – Marian Munteanu, on the top of the lists. Among other ANR candidates are IT specialists, an actor, drivers, a psychologist, as well as a tailor and a Metrorex technician.

The first places on the lists of the United Romania Party (PRU) are Bogdan Diaconu – legal adviser and Deputy, and Lucian Bolcas – lawyer and Senator. Other PRU candidates are a student, a taxi driver having the profession of a chemical technician, an electrician and a cashier operator.

The candidates of the organizations of the citizens belonging to the national minorities are engineers, economists, lawyers, legal advisers, teachers, doctors, journalists, as well as theologians or mathematicians. Some of the candidates opening the lists are currently Deputies.

The FDGR candidate is an Undersecretary of State, The union of the Polish People in Romania has a candidate who is a postman, while the Cultural Union of Ruthenian in Romania proposed a turner and a maternal assistant as its candidates.

Two of the independent candidates for the Chamber of Deputies, namely Elena Udrea, who is currently also a Deputy, and George-Alexandru Manciu, are lawyers. Teodor Paleologu is a teacher, while Remus Cernea presents himself as a philosopher having the occupation of a civic activist and Deputy. Ion-Gabriel Linta is an engineer and the manager of a company, while Visinel-Costel Balan is a legal adviser and the President of the “We Draw Your Future” Association.

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