Gov’t adopts National Management Plan 2016 – 2021 for the Danube and 11 basins

The Government adopted in the Wednesday meeting the National Management Plan 2016 – 2021 for the Danube and 11 basins/hydrographical spaces, the Government informs in a release.

“The plan adopted today is drawn up for the period 2016-2021 and is based on monitoring the implementation of the measures under the National Management Plan approved in 2011 and, at the same time, it represents an updating of the measures in this Plan, mainly taking into account the improvement of the methodologies used, the new monitoring data, as well as the results of the research studies and the implemented projects,” the release points out.

The basins or hydrographical spaces for which the management plans have been drawn up are: Somes-Tisa, the Cris Rivers, Mures, Banat, Jiu, Olt, Arges-Vedea, Buzau-Ialomita, Siret, Prut-Barlad, as well as the Danube River, the Danube Delta, the Dobrogea hydrographical space and the coast waters.

The normative act also tackles “quantitative aspects and elements on climate changes, aimed at coordinating the basin management plans and the flooding risk management.”

The investments provided in the management plans will be funded from the Cohesion and Structural Funds, the European Fund for Regional Development, the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development, the European Fund for Fisheries, the LIFE funds, other European funds and funds yearly earmarked from the state budget and the local budgets for this destination, the cited release also mentions.

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