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May 20, 2022

1st of June, established to be a day off, and the law allowing the increase of the value of the meal ticket up to RON 15, promulgated by President Iohannis

President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on Wednesday the law allowing the increase of the value of the meal ticket up to RON 15, compared to RON 9 which is the current value; the employer will have the option to keep the current value or to increase it.

The law amending the Art.(3) para.(1) of the Law no.142/1998 on granting meal tickets states that “The nominal value of a meal ticket cannot exceed the amount of RON 15 at the date of applying the provisions of this law”.

“It is the initiative of some of our colleagues who proposed the possibility to increase (the value of the meal ticket – e.n.) up to RON 13, the current value remaining into force, giving to the employer the possibility to increase the value of these tickets. There was an amendment belonging to Mrs. Andreea Paul, increasing the value up to RON 15. It was adopted” stated the President of the Labor Committee, the PSD Deputy Adrian Solomon, after the adoption of the amendment, in the Committee’s meeting.

The Government didn’t support the increase of the value of the meal ticket.

“The Government opposes all the time these measures in the electoral periods, but I hope the impact will be only beneficial for the country’s budget, because these tickets will be spent in commerce, they are subject to VAT, therefore they bring additional income to the budget” stated Solomon regarding the Government’s position related to the bill.

Klaus Iohannis also promulgated on Wednesday the law amending the Labour Code, stating that 1st of June – Children’s Day, will be a day off.

By promulgating the Law on completing the Art.139, para.(1) of the Law no.53/2003 on the Labour Code, 1st of June, Children’s Day, becomes a public holiday.

The legislative proposal was supported by the campaign conducted by the initiative group consisting of Itsy Bitsy FM and the National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption, opinion leaders – Andreea Marin, Virgil Ianţu and Tily Niculae, parliamentarians, psychologists, parents’ associations, aiming to improve the relationship between children and parents in Romania, making the latter to spend quality moments together with their kids.

1st of June – Children’s Day – will add to the other public holidays: 1st and 2nd of January; 24th of January – The Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities; the first and the second Easter day; 1st of May; he first and the second day of Pentecost; 30th of November – St. Apostol Andrew, the First Called, Romania’s Protector; 1st of December; the first and the second day of Christmas.

Labour Code also provides two days off for each of the three annual religious holidays, declared as such by the legal religious denominations, other than the Christian ones, for the persons belonging to them.

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